low performance

  1. MiningYeti

    Performance on almost every game is horrible

    For example I'll play Minecraft and it only uses 8% of my cpu and 20% of my gpu while only about 60% of my ram is being used up. I am them left with around 30 or 60 fps at times when I know that my computer should be able to do way better. This happens with gta, no mans sky, and pretty much...
  2. N

    Low fps with fine hardware please help

    Hello everyone, I encounter low fps in games that I shouldn't. For example, in Dota 2 i have sometimes 60-80 fps in some moments 100 but rarely..But sometimes I have 40-60 max.. It really bothers me. I actually tried to lower graphics but not with a noticeable improvement. I play other games too...
  3. H

    Lackluster performance and fps stuttering with new GTX 1080

    Hello there, around a couple months ago, I purchased an MSI GTX 1080 ARMOR and installed it in place of my GTX 970 WINDFORCE graphics card. The performance I've been receiving in games is lackluster from what I was expecting, typically sitting at around 60-70 frames and dipping below 60 in games...