mac address lookup

  1. P

    Solved MAC address not on modem

    I have already contacted CISCO and they do not have the MAC address because the modems warranty expired in 2015. I have the Cisco 881 Modem, is it possible to hook it up to my computer to view the MAC address?
  2. R

    Solved What device would be logged into my router as Realtek?

    When logging into my router/modem to see which devices are logged in there is on whos mac address comes,back as realtek Semiconductor corp. what sort of device would come up as such? the description given is Desktop-65HQ7OK which I searched on Google and have found nothing. Thanks.
  3. samymassoud

    Mac vendor lookup windows application

    This about how to lookup the vendor name from the only Mac Address. As we all know Mac address has a Prefix part that shows who is the vendor of the device? So basically this website does a lot of things related to this topic. First, if you have Mac address and you want to look up its vendor...