mac mail

  1. GoodGuyShorty

    Delete MacOS mail while keeping them on Gmail server

    Hey guys. My small mens fashion business uses the gmail server and employees have macs. My mail accounts are SMTP using gmail accounts. I desperately need to clean out my mac mail box because it is so full it is causing operating problems. But I need to retain all emails on the gmail server...
  2. K

    Mac Mail Connection

    All - I'm a super beginner, so apologies if this is a super stupid question. I cannot get my Mac Mail to connect. I have a Macbook, the mail has always worked in the past, but I just did an upgrade to version 12.1; I have no idea if that makes a difference or not. I've checked my setup by...
  3. D

    Help to migrate from Office 360 to gmail

    Hi, I am trying to get my domain email off of Godaddy and use that same email address on gmail. Up till now I have been using Mac Mail and will also need to archive all of those emails that reside there or I will lose them. Godaddy offers no help because they want to discourage you from leaving...