mac os

  1. L

    Error booting to Mac OS & Windows 10 normally

    Hello, I have a serious issue where I can't boot my Mac OS & I am unable to boot my windows 10 after expanding my memory using an external hard drive as a new partition. Its an old macbook that I bought from a family friend. Please help
  2. Kferguson319

    I think my mac is being used for cryptojacking

    If anyone knows anything about identifying something suspicious in the "installer log" could you then please take a look at this for me and tell me if you find something. DONT know much about the macbook pro and my cpu is crazy high and I dont know what to do or if im right or just trippin...
  3. J

    Mac OS VM problems

    I need help setting up a mac os sierra vm my last attempt only got me stuck at the apple logo.
  4. A

    perl cp -R command not copying directory tree identically.

    cp -R /Users/Andy/Library/'Application Support'/AddressBookTEST /Users/Andy/Desktop/AddressBookTEST I am writing a bespoke perl script to backup a couple of folders on my Mac (outside of Time Machine). The script sets up a target folder and then recursively copies 3 source folders. When I...
  5. BillHates

    Connecting a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet to Mac Os 10.13 laptop

    Hi guys and gals, My brother recently bought a Macbook Pro that runs Mac Os 10.13 (most current update). He has a Wacom Bamboo Fun CTE-450 that he needs to use for his work as a animator. I was trying to go and download the drivers but I can't find any that goes past Mac Os 10.11. Is there a...
  6. L

    Mac won't print in colour.

    My mac (os 10.13, but also same issue before updating) will only print in black and white using our samsung printer c480w when connected via usb cable (there is no colour option in the print window). I have also tried installing it using wifi/airprint and the mac then recognises it able to print...
  7. S

    Solved Saving Text from IPhone to Laptop

    hello, Is anyone familiar with saving text messages from IPhone to the Mac laptop?
  8. O

    Software that runs automatically and follows command

    Hi, Not sure if i’m In the right area but basically I was wondering if there is a software or program that you can install on your computer that you can give certain instructions to complete. In my particular case, I would like it to transfer money between my bank accounts to take advantage...
  9. C

    Terminal SSH Help

    Ok, this is quite frankly far too complicated for me to be attempting but I'm gonna give myself credit for how far I have gone. So I am trying to make a "proxy tunnel" because my school blocked my favorite social media site from use on there internet while also blocking the popular proxy tunnel...
  10. coatl

    printing correct colors via Mac OS’s Preview application?

    Hi all :) i have a simple question, yet despite searching an entire 2 days online, i cannot find the answer! Here is my question: how can i print a simple jpg from Preview, and have the colors turn out right? I have an iMac desktop running El Capitan 10.11.6). I can print fine from...
  11. O

    Trouble installing OS fresh, Mac Pro

    A couple weeks ago my mid-2010 Mac Pro started getting extremely slow at times. Restarting would temporarily fix it, until one day it wouldn't get past the apple logo progress bar screen. So I took it in and Apple ran a diagnostic and told me that it's unlikely to be the HDD but "something else"...
  12. edam4

    Automatically unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch

    Hey All, Can't seem to use the "Automatically unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch" feature. I have looked in System Prefs on my iMac and the option isn't even listed where Apple say it should be? I have Two Step Authentication enabled but have read in other forums that I actually should have...