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    Graphics Card issue? Black screen

    Hi there, I'm a bit of an amateur at this but I'm having a bit of a problem with my project computer it's an older Mac Pro 5,1 that I have upgraded the Ram, CPUs and also installed Windows 10 on to. Yesterday I was installing the drivers for my new graphics card when the computer crashed and...
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    Solved What year was my Mac Pro made?

    Hi I've tried various ways to find the year my Mac Pro was made to no avail. Can anyone explain how I can find this information out? Many thanks TJV1000
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    Mid 2010 Mac Pro SSD update

    Hello! I've been upgrading my mid 2010 mac pro quadcore. I installed an NVME SSD, but I understand that it can't be used as a bootable drive without some finessing. I can't find a straight answer online as to how to make it a bootable drive or whether I need to order an AHCI M.2 SSD. I'm...
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    Trouble installing OS fresh, Mac Pro

    A couple weeks ago my mid-2010 Mac Pro started getting extremely slow at times. Restarting would temporarily fix it, until one day it wouldn't get past the apple logo progress bar screen. So I took it in and Apple ran a diagnostic and told me that it's unlikely to be the HDD but "something else"...
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    Solved Unable to get TOR browser working on new MAC

    Hello, Help I have been trying for a few days every thing I can to get the tor browser to install and connect with no success. The error message is: Unable to find the proxy server. I am using a brand new Mac pro laptop. I don’t know what to do at this point. I have tried youtube videos and FAQ...