macbook air

  1. B

    Help with monitor connection to MacBook Air

    I’m trying to connect my MacBook Air (usb-c) to a Lenovo monitor so that I can have a bigger screen to work with in addition to my laptop screen. I have a bunch of different cords but can’t seem to get the laptop to work with the monitor. The monitor says no signal and the screen goes black...
  2. Charitylynn55

    Minecraft on MacBook Air

    I have a 2011 MacBook Air - model A1369. I want to gift it to my daughter for Christmas and one of the main games she wants a laptop for is to play Minecraft. I found the Minecraft Java version that I can purchase but before I do, I wanted to ensure that it will work on this laptop. Thank you!
  3. brianalee01

    Printer will not come up in adding to the printers

    HELP ASAP! I literally had someone go on my computer by sharing my screen and tell me I have to pay 130 dollars CAD to fix this issue, I don't know why my printer removed itself from my Mac a couple days ago but I really hope its a easy fix and not what he was saying .... NEED HELP ASAP
  4. lizardbrain

    MacBook Air & Wacom Tablet

    I had my Wacom Intuos Creative Pen tablet (small) connected and working just fine for laptop ( 2015 MacBook Air, 10.15.7) I deleted a bunch of stuff to make room for programs needed for school. Tried to download the Wacom driver again. It connects fine. But in the drawing application I use I get...
  5. P

    Macbook Air to Dell P2419H

    I am currently using a MacBook Air (Catalina 10.15.6, Early 2014) and had it connected to a Dell P2419H as a second screen (external monitor) using a thunderbolt to HDMI and an HDMI to HDMI connection. It was working fine until I had to disconnect to use the MacBook elsewhere and when I tried to...
  6. J

    Mac Air Connected to Wifi But No Internet Connection

    My MacBook Air is connected to Wifi, which is working. My other devices all connect to internet with the Wifi. But my MacBook is getting no internet connection. Whenever I try to access a website on Chrome I get the measage ERR_ACCESS_DENIED and on Safari I get Operation Not Permitted...
  7. cwillison

    XP-Pen 15.6 Pro Drawing Tablet Installation That is the link to my tablet and the instructions on how to install it. I thought I did everything correctly but now my pen will not work. Any ideas on if I possibly didn't download everything? I only downloaded and ran the Mac 10.10~10.15 for dmg...
  8. Anderson16852

    Need help with re installing after factory reset

    Ok so i just got this computer from a friend, its a 2016 macbook air. I tried to reset it to get his info off, and now i cant re i stall osx. I need to somehow repair the volume. I go into disk utility, and it. Seems like everything is there. But when i try to install osx, it says theres no disk...
  9. C

    Shared windows 10 computer with Mac???

    I had a MacBook 12." The network worked 65% (not sure why), but recently it's not been working. Even when it worked, I could get files from my Windows 10 desktop (hotspot), but NEVER vice versa. I followed all the instructions and watched videos to see how to set up network and etc. I...
  10. M

    USB External Device Nightmare

    Hello, I am a college student and I record all of my lectures (which are very necessary to me passing) on a Sony IC Recorder ICD-UX560. I have a 2017 MacBook Air (OS Sierra: 10.12.6) and one of my USB ports doesn't work. Well, I decided that this evening of all times (right before midterms)...
  11. C

    MacBook Air not turning on

    Gday guys, so a couple days ago, my MacBook Air was working absolutely perfectly, when I woke up the next day however it just does not turn on, the green light on the charger indicates it is fully charged with power, I have tried the whole “shift + cntrl + optn + power button situation but to no...
  12. T

    Air getting stuck

    I recently purchased this MacBook Air and it gets completely freeze for a while. Does anyone know how to solve this kinda thing?
  13. A

    Connecting MacBook Air to Monitor

    I have a 2018 Macbook Air and i want to connect it to my monitor via DisplayPort. Previousl I have tried using 2 adapters, (usb-c to hdmi , and hdmi to display port) and connecting it to the monitor with a display port cable ,but that didnt work . Would buying a straight (usb-c to display fix...
  14. N

    microphone problems

    Hi, I have a MacBook Pro but for some reason my microphone is turned off and I don't know how to turn it on again, I followed apple´s instructions: System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click Privacy. Select Microphone. but when I click on privacy there is no select microphone...
  15. K

    MacBook Air trying to find wireless keyboard

    Whenever I boot my macbook, I am able to log into my account and fully use the keyboard and the tracker pad but whenever I get logged in, I cannot use the tracker pad and a screen pops up showing that it is searching for a wireless keyboard. I have contacted apple support but they want me to set...
  16. P

    Mac won’t connect to wifi

    Hi, I’ve been having this problem for about a year in which my home laptop (a macbook air) won’t connect to my home wifi. It’s not the wifi, as other macs (younger, the same age, and older than mine) work on the wifi. My mac connects to my iphone hotspot, and it sometimes works at libraries and...
  17. H

    MACBook Air SMC Reser

    HI MY MACBOOK AIR IS HAVING ANNOYING ISSUES SUCH AS -loud fan -not working unless plugged in -specific keys not working -spinning beach ball I have done research and many say an SMC reset should fix all these problems but I am unable to do that as I require to use the shift and power key and...
  18. E

    Mac laptop extremely slow

    Hello, my macbook air is extremely slow when I boot it. The laptop itself will not boot unless I put it into a direct power supply, and when I do, it takes a good 10 minutes to load. After it loads, it takes up to a hour to log in and I really can't run any applications due to the extreme lag...
  19. M

    Connecting three external displays to Macbook air

    Hi so I recently came to a problem. It was my birthday and after asking a lot for this pc I had received a MacBook Air. This was no issue to me for I had been happy to get anything at all, but I had purchased three monitors before that I was going to hook up. I soon realized the MacBook had...
  20. S

    How can I add more than one dropbox account to my MacBook?

    Hi, I work accross several clients and need 3 dropbox accounts on my MacBook, but I can only see one in finder and for the other two I need to go onto the dropbox web platform to save or file anything - annoying. Does anyone know a way to add all to finder? Sarah