macbook pro

  1. whatareyoutalkingaboutdanny

    Disable internet access but keep Wi-Fi connection

    Ok. Premiere Pro can't operate without wi-fi connection, because it needs to 'call home' every so often to check that account is legit and up to date. I wish they had a way of downloading the software to use without having to get access to the internet every 30 days. I want my laptop for work...
  2. Safara

    Can i use macbook pro 7,1 parts in macbook pro 5,1

    I have a macbook pro 7,1 that stopped working now I got a macbook pro 5,1 but the keyboard, screen and battery is faulty, my question is can I use the 7,1 parts to replace these? Please help me🙏
  3. Dbfstl77

    External hard drive - General question

    Thank you for your service! I have a MacBook Pro 1TB laptop and it's brand new. I am connected to iCloud. I understand that the cloud is a mirror copy of what I have on my computer. I'm currently recording videos that I will edit and upload to a video server. I also purchased an external 1TB...
  4. B

    My Mac Book Pro won't turn on

    I lost my charger a while back to my mac book pro and it's been dead for a while. I bought a new charger and my computer has been charging for over 10 hours. The light on the charger is on and when i press the power button the black screen with the charging battery pops up but it's been charging...
  5. C

    What MacBook hard drive do I require?

    Hi My MacBook Pro (13-inch, mid 2012) model has recently stopped working. It was showing a folder with a question mark as it couldn’t locate the hard drive. I’ve tried everything and is hasn’t worked, so I took it the Apple store an they said the hard dive needs replacing but will cost £200. I’d...
  6. B

    Need Help for Multiscreen Setup

    Hi All, I am a professional currently looking for a new computer setup for my office. I need my computing to be portable so I was looking to buy a macbook pro and then set up two additional screens in office. Looking for recommendations for 2 good sized Vesa compatible monitors and also a...
  7. P

    Can't Connect my Canon Pixma printer to Macbook Pro

    I have had the printer for a couple of years, and it was working fine, but for the last few months it has been touch and go if it will connect to my laptop (Mac). Now it has stopped connecting all together. I have downloaded the driver for Canon Pixma MG 3051 from Canon website, but it just...
  8. M

    MacBook Pro A1278 2012 Shuts off after boot

    Hello! I have a MacBook Pro A1278 2012 13” SN# C1mkrtz7dty3 that keeps shutting off after initial boot. The Apple logo pops up and the bar gets about halfway and the computer shuts off. I tried searching other similar issues but other people are able to get to terminal I am not. I have several...
  9. N

    microphone problems

    Hi, I have a MacBook Pro but for some reason my microphone is turned off and I don't know how to turn it on again, I followed apple´s instructions: System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click Privacy. Select Microphone. but when I click on privacy there is no select microphone...
  10. N

    Cookies on Macbook Pro

    I cannot seem to find the cookies settings for Google Chrome on the Macbook Pro computer. I need to turn them on for a particular website and the only option I found was a checkbox to block cookies from all sites. Isn't there a way to see if my cookies are turned on and working? Thank you in...
  11. M

    MacBook Pro 2012 upgrade help please

    One for you computer tech guys. I have a 2.9g i7 MacBook Pro mid 2012 and looking to upgrade. (Serial C1MKW5CGDTY4) So the questions are 1. Which ram is best, looking at the 16g(2x8) of the hyperX 1600mhz (is this the fastest it will take ? ) 2. Slightly more complicated this one, SSD, which...
  12. M

    Macbook or Surfacebook2

    hello . i wnat a laptop for video editting and motion graphics . i have heard that these devices are very good for my work but i dont know wich one is the best surface book 2 macbook pro dell xps 15 and my budget is about 2,500 dollars
  13. J

    Macbook Pro GHz and Read & Write speed (plus a fan question)

    I just got my 2015 grade A refurbished Macbook Pro in the mail yesterday. It has 2.8 GHz and it seems slightly slow to me, so I checked using black magic disk speed test. The write speed is about 760 mb/s and the read speed is about 735 mb/s. I don't know much about computers, but based on...
  14. BillHates

    Connecting a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet to Mac Os 10.13 laptop

    Hi guys and gals, My brother recently bought a Macbook Pro that runs Mac Os 10.13 (most current update). He has a Wacom Bamboo Fun CTE-450 that he needs to use for his work as a animator. I was trying to go and download the drivers but I can't find any that goes past Mac Os 10.11. Is there a...
  15. S

    Macbook Pro A1278 SSD not recognized internally

    Hey! I have Macbook Pro mid-2012 model (A1278), it froze one day so I restarted it and got an empty folder with a question mark and that is the way it has been ever since when installed internally. I used an external enclosure and it works perfectly fine, so I know the SSD is not an issue. Would...
  16. K

    Want to know if a virus or hacker can..

    Hi! Something strange happened on my Mac lately. It’s old and used to be years ago a shared computer with my little brother, so who knows what kinds of viruses came from his browsing back in the day. I stopped using the primary user account on the computer because of the virus issues, but...
  17. F

    macbook pro early 2011 not turning on even if plugged

    macbook pro early 2011 not turning on even if plugged into the wall. two days ago my original charger exploded when i plugged it into the wall.. like smoke came out and everything. the copper wires were broken and all that. so i bought a off brand charger and a new battery (since my macbook...
  18. A

    Spinning wheel after i press get help online on osx utilitie

    I erased my harddrive clean and now trying to reinstall my MBP to factory defult settings and having problem with signing in with my apple id as it doesnt recognise to download the software so i went back and clicked on get help online it opens a web page but when i go to apple website or any...
  19. N

    Installation of MySql on my mac book pro with OS High Sierra

    Hi, I want to install MySql in my mac book but getting different types of error, sometimes it need password,Permission denied, sometime "ERROR! The server quit without updating PID file" while starting mysql , I can see MySql icon in System preference but when I click on that then It shows...
  20. N

    Advise on Buying a new laptop! Help

    Hi I'm a total newbie to the world of technology and I'm about to spend some money on a laptop! I'm a music production guy and I am looking to get something for that purpose only. My current knowledge of CPU , RAM , GPU is really limited.. So i all i look for the how high the numbers are. Ex...