1. 2

    Documents folder - OneDrive

    Hi. Is the folder named "documents" in OneDrive the actual documents folder on my computer or is it just a normal folder? Thanks in advance.
  2. K

    The documents folder in OneDrive

    Hi. Does the OneDrive folder "Documents" on my Mac automatically sync to OneDrive? I used to have a folder in OneDrive that was called documents, but I changed the name of that folder in OneDrive. Could that have been the original documents folder on my Mac? The folder, that was once named...
  3. C

    Solved No permission despite permitted; device not shown in Network

    I have posted this same thread on various networking/computer forums, yet I have not gotten this problem resolved!!!! Please HELP! 1... My 1st desktop "desktop-kba" uses Windows 10, and it has no problem sharing files with my MacBook or vice versa (no issue; everything works perfectly between...
  4. J

    Mac Air Connected to Wifi But No Internet Connection

    My MacBook Air is connected to Wifi, which is working. My other devices all connect to internet with the Wifi. But my MacBook is getting no internet connection. Whenever I try to access a website on Chrome I get the measage ERR_ACCESS_DENIED and on Safari I get Operation Not Permitted...
  5. Anderson16852

    Need help with re installing after factory reset

    Ok so i just got this computer from a friend, its a 2016 macbook air. I tried to reset it to get his info off, and now i cant re i stall osx. I need to somehow repair the volume. I go into disk utility, and it. Seems like everything is there. But when i try to install osx, it says theres no disk...
  6. C

    Shared windows 10 computer with Mac???

    I had a MacBook 12." The network worked 65% (not sure why), but recently it's not been working. Even when it worked, I could get files from my Windows 10 desktop (hotspot), but NEVER vice versa. I followed all the instructions and watched videos to see how to set up network and etc. I...
  7. C

    What MacBook hard drive do I require?

    Hi My MacBook Pro (13-inch, mid 2012) model has recently stopped working. It was showing a folder with a question mark as it couldn’t locate the hard drive. I’ve tried everything and is hasn’t worked, so I took it the Apple store an they said the hard dive needs replacing but will cost £200. I’d...
  8. N

    microphone problems

    Hi, I have a MacBook Pro but for some reason my microphone is turned off and I don't know how to turn it on again, I followed apple´s instructions: System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click Privacy. Select Microphone. but when I click on privacy there is no select microphone...
  9. L

    Can't connect to wifi on 2012 Macbook pro

    Hey guys i'm new here I am currently facing an issue with my 2012 Macbook pro running OSX 10.9.5 Recently I have gotten an office space of my own. The place includes it own wifi. The problem is for some reason I can never seem to get connected to wifi. I have checked to make sure that I am...
  10. D

    MBP Randomly turning off?

    Hi there - I appreciate in advance anybody that can help with this. The short version is my computer keeps randomly turning off - I suspected battery or overheating but those don't seem the issue. I just am trying to work out how to go about fixing it, and trying to narrow down what the issue...
  11. E

    Self Service Mac

    My Mac is returning no search items for the Self Service app which I need to download university software. My computer is up to date, so not sure how to access it?
  12. J

    Mac has slowed down but have 300gb on ssd and 16gb ram?!

    My macbook has suddenly slowed right down! LogicPro keeps crashing when performing the basic of tasks. I have 300gb space free on my SSD and have 16gb of ram so i am very confused as to what is going on someone please help! big ups
  13. T

    SSD Upgrade

    Hi there, I currently own a Early 2015 Retina Macbook pro (A1502) and I'm looking to upgrade the SSD as well as replace the battery as it's failing on me, my friend recommend i get the: Intel 660p Series M.2 NVMe SSD 1TB My main concern is I'm not 100% sure if it'll fit into an early 2015 or...
  14. K

    Portable Charger for Macbook Air 2014

    Hi everyone! Okay, so I need to get a portable power bank for my macbook air 2014, but it's so old and has a magsafe 2 port so I just want to make sure I'm buying the right product! This is what I was going to buy...
  15. N

    Help me understand stretched resolution for gaming

    Brand new to pc gaming so I'm having trouble figuring out a good stretched res for me (specifically for playing fortnite) being that nowhere online have I found anyone else with the same as my screen. It's 2880 x 1800 native MacBook Pro 2017 15in. that I use, running the game in Windows 10...
  16. Y

    My Neglected Macbook Air Refuses to Update!

    I was given this laptop in 2014, when I only used it for computer games, but now that I'm a full time student, I need this laptop for more important tasks! However, because I failed to update this laptop since the day it was given to me, it has decided to give up. I am still using OSX Yosemite...
  17. H

    Constant error when trying to access steam (MAC)

    heyo, so I’ve been trying to re-access my old steam account but i’m always greeted with “steamui.dylib”. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the application and everything else multiple times, followed every youtube video + support line i could but nothing’s worked. I’m just a lonely gal trying to...
  18. M

    Boot camp not able to make bootable usb

    Howdy y’all, I’m running the latest Mac OS Mojave on a Mac book pro 2017 and I’m trying to make a bootable usb (win10). First off when I download the 64 bit windows 10 the program that shows up on my computer is labeled cccom64 something or other... I’m not sure if that is the same as the...
  19. A

    Wi-fi: No hardware installed

    My Macbook Pro (Early 2011 model) has suddenly got a cross mark in the wifi symbol. I am unable to connect to wifi networks, it just doesn't show me any options. I have ran a hardware test but that resulted in no errors. Any tips on what I can do to fix it? Image attached for reference.
  20. D

    Installing APKs on MacBook

    Hey guys, I changed from Windows/Android to MacOS/iOS and face some difficulties. I always used Programs like BlueStacks, Nox Player etc. to play Android games on an android emulator on my Windows PC. Now I tried to install some APKs on Nox and BlueStacks but I always face the same Problem: The...