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    Need Help Deciding Between Two Asus Monitors

    Hi. I have a Mac Mini and I need to replace the Dell 24" 1080 monitor I use with it. The Mini can't drive a 4K monitor so I'm looking for a monitor that has a resolution of 2560 x 1440. There are two Asus models I'm interested in: the PB278Q and the PB277Q. I'm planning to buy the monitor from...
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    Mac-Related, Public Wi-Fi, VPN Questions

    Hi. I use a Mac desktop (a Mac Mini) running macOS 10.12.3. I have Apple's built-in Firewall turned on. Back in 2010 (when I had an iMac), I bought some VPN software from a company called Hide-My-IP: At the time, I bought the software for gaining access to the BBC's...
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    Could an Airport Extreme block printer access?

    Hi! I have an old HP All-In-One in my kitchen running Windows 7, then I have a Mac mini in another room and an AirPort Extreme providing Wifi. I can hit my Canon inkjet printer from my Mac, but not from my PC. This happened all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago. Windows update, maybe? Anyway...