1. cd4l7

    Macro to disable display adapter

    I play games on a tuf gaming laptop, Doom Eternal has an issue where when i start it up it will tell me i have no physical devices. The easy fix i found for this was to disable my AMD Display adapter, then i enable it again. fixes the problem. i would like to be able to set up a macro or hotkey...
  2. W

    Outlook - Set up a domain-based email reminder system?

    I work for a company that reports to many other companies, and they ALL have their own rules about where to send emails, what the RE line should look like, etc. I've got checklists for each company but it would be a lot faster (and less prone to 'forgetting') if I could set up something where...
  3. R

    Solved Input From Two Different Keyboards

    I love MMORPGs and lately have been wanting to try an experiment. I want to be able to macro most if not all of the keys on my secondary keyboard I have without buying any hardware. Example: When I press the W key in a game, I walk forward. With the way things are now, no matter which W key...
  4. M

    Trying to loop a macro

    Hi there. I am taking 6 digit numbers from an excel sheet, pasting them into word and making some changes to allow me to put them into another system where I can verify some details. Some times I only need to transfer a few numbers, other times I need to transfer up to 1000. So the data...
  5. S

    Auto Email from Excel

    Hello. This is my first post. I need help in developing a macro to send an automated outlook mail to myself when a date is due, (conditional formatting updates the sheet on opening). I can setup the scheduler to open and run this automatically. An email should go to my email address (Cell A2...
  6. T

    word help- macro needed

    hello I d need to ask you for a help. I have a 300 pages document (no headers no footers) and i need to duplicate each page and then hide duplicates in order to process for translation. i want to avoid manual copy paste work. i was thinking either about macro or maybe duplicate all the file and...
  7. T

    How to stop Duplication on excel macro ??

    Good afternoon , i am Tssash and i am currently working on a project to sync excel to outlook calender . This is my coding so far ( down below ) , i am currently wondering how do i stop duplicates of previous row of exisiting events/appointment.?? Much help would be appreciated , thank you
  8. F

    Simple interactive Excel spreadsheet

    I'm trying to create a simple interactive spreadsheet for a club that I run in a local school. We sell food at this club and, because children inevitably lose money throughout the day, their parents have sent us funds in advance. We are therefore looking at the simplest way of keeping track of...
  9. N

    Synapse 3 - How to do Macros

    I cant, i just cant... I want to make a toggle macro for shift. I watched some videos on youtube and they all tell me to click record then hold the key and then press again to end the macro but i cant it doesnt let me click it until i release the key!! Seriously what is this !!?? So pls if...
  10. B

    Excel footer macro

    Good afternoon everyone - I need a bit of help with a few lines of code. Here's where the problem is: For i = 1 To Worksheets.count If IsError(Application.Match(Sheets(i).Name, s, 0)) Then Sheets(i).PageSetup .CenterFooter = PageFooterText End If Next i...
  11. C

    Sending an email with excel

    A while ago, OBP helped me create an excel sheet that automatically sends me an email when a cell displays "send". Lately it has been sending an email regardless of whether the cell displays send. It's also not displaying the "action required" in the email. I was hoping someone could point out...
  12. J

    Automated email in excel, driven by due date

    Hi everybody, First time poster. I currently have 9 tabs open and hours of researching trying to figure this out. I can say I'm more educated now with excel than I was this morning. Very powerful software. I seen current thread that were very close to what I need but was unsuccessful with...
  13. U

    Unable to use Mouse when recording a Macro in word

    I am not fully able to use the mouse keys when recording a Macro in Microsoft Word 2007. Is there a way to overcome it. For instance without mouse, how can I get Table properties in Word 2007?
  14. hamtaroid

    Solved Script To Automatically Trim Text Data Into Several Lines

    Hello. I work in a computer store in Indonesia as an administrator. My job is to create invoices. My crazy supervisor wants to see trimmed label address. She said it's more beautiful to look at -,-' Problem is the address I receive is always jumbled into one long line. Separating them (based on...
  15. B

    Solved Word Macro Suggestions Please

    Hi all I have a large dataset to work with which has, for some reason, been dumped into a 90-page Word document. The data are separated into categories, not by chronology. What I need to do is unify the data by date, lifting them out of the sections they're currently in. Needless to say that...
  16. R

    Probably Impossible Macro

    Assume I know nothing (yes my name is Jon). Anyway, I want excel to go to a url, populate some fields (date range, location), run the report, then download it in csv format. The url is actually an internal SQL database so this should be simple via just using a SQL table. However, my company...
  17. K

    MS Word macro

    Hi. I'm having problems with this one Sub Macro1() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' ' Selection.HomeKey Unit:=wdStory Do While Selection.Find.Execute = True Selection.Find.ClearFormatting Selection.Find.Font.Color = wdColorAutomatic With Selection.Find .Text = "EXAMPLE1"...
  18. K

    Solved MS Word Loop macro until end of document

    Hi. Need help on this. I'm trying to loop this macro until end of document, or until no auto 'work' text is found. Macro should search all 'work' texts and extends it until the next ), then mark them red, then repeat until end of document. Selection.HomeKey Unit:=wdStory...
  19. A

    Excel Macro: Dynamic Range Function

    I am attempting to create a dynamic range based off the "Payroll" chart data so that if personnel are added, they are included in the macros powered updates. Currently, I am simply updating the individual ranges, but I am looking for a more long-term solution. I have attempted to use the...
  20. A

    Creating a Macro in Excel: Date by addition when printing

    Good Morning, I am attempting to create a print preview, and then a printing button for one of my documents. I figured out how to do a basic print preview and then print when approved. If possible, I would like to create 5 copies (currently just pressing the button 5 times) and on each...