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    new Free Mail server for windows 10-64

    Hello: I am unable to use Mozilla Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail as both developed error problem and Unable to configure, both were disabled and cannot use. Any other suggestion to DL a free POP3/SMTP mail server? Thanks F.
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    Software Selection and Packages for Homebult Server

    I currently have three Synology NAS machines with oodles of storage space, plus another one which I purchased for my church. I also have a couple of web sites; one in particular which has been up for over a decade is Streamliner Schedules. I had been shared hosting with IX, but after I got hit...
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    Mail Server

    HI, I work for a micro finance company as a IT Technician. My company has more than 40 branches and around 1000 users.My company wants to set up a new mail server in head office. What type of mail server will be good for us with configurations. Thanks