1. J

    Emails bounce back even though mail folder has 0 bytes

    Since Microsoft Mail doesn't seem to sync correctly, doesn't seem to support pop accounts ( and I was getting some "TLS API error" ), I logged in to the pop server with telnet: telnet PORT Which means 0 messages, 0 bytes, as I understand. I use a gmail account...
  2. P

    Mail Account deleted, can i recover?

    Hi Guys, I deleted a mail account on the apple mail app a couple of weeks ago and now realise that i need some emails that were in the account (i know, daft of me) Is there a way to recover this account and the emails? i haven't been using time machine either. Thanks,
  3. M

    Iphone question

    I purchased iPhone 6s and wondering if it was possible to disable the phone asking to enter the password to the email account that was used from previous owner. Any help much appreciated
  4. S

    Gmail lost password

    Lost a password to gmail, don't have access to phone used to complete 2 step verification. I have virtually no proof I own the account. It's old last used in Oct 2015. Has precious photos of people who have passed. Plz help!
  5. K

    Exporating emails with Mac Mail: Incomplete .mbox files

    Every time I try to export one of my mail boxes in order to save the messages onto my computer, the file is incomplete. It creates small .mbox files ranging from 10 KB to 20 MB and yet my mail box is over 600 MB. And I tried multiple times and restarting Mail. Why doesn't it let me export my...
  6. S

    Hotmail isn't receiving Mail on Apple "Mail" Application.

    Hi there, My Apple Macbook Pro (15 inch, mid 2012, 2.3GHz Intel Core i7, OS X Yosemite 10.10.5, 500gb storage) has stopped receiving mail from my Hotmail account. However, this issue is exclusive to my "Mail" Application. My hotmail account is working fine on my browser. Any assistance would be...
  7. K

    Error adding POP Outlook account to Mail

    Hello everyone, I am trying to save my email messages from Outlook to the Mail program on my Mac Lion (OS X El Capitain). The problem is it won't let me use the POP protocole, only IMAP works. And I really need to use POP because I want to download my messages onto my computer instead of just...
  8. P

    Cannot open emails in Outlook mail

    I am running Windows 10 on a PC laptop. I can see my emails in the inbox but when I click on the email, it fails to open. Any suggestions?
  9. bobs-here

    Email for users of Windows Live Mail (may 6th)

    if anyone else has had an email from Microsoft regarding Windows Live Mail. This was in mine today. Have a look at the following threads from the Windows 10 Forums, especially the 2nd one for more: Windows live mail ending - Windows 10 Forums Windows Live Mail 2012 will not connect to...
  10. J

    Email gets registered as spam even though I get 10/10 on mai

    Hi I finally have my own webserver and wanted to setup a mailserver. Everything seems to have gone fine, except that Gmail registers my email as spam. I have tried everything and I even have 10/10 on (Proof: This is a header of an email...