malicious code

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    New New folder automatically created

    A new folder automatically gets created in my desktop after certain period of time (I haven't noted how much time but it must be more than 12hours of computer ON time OR 3-4 days ) with the name 'new folder' containing blank file folders.txt .I am using Windows 8 operating system with updated...
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    Mouse moves to upper and lower left side corners of screen

    The mouse moves completely on it own, at random. Disabling the touch screen seems to help som. Then it starts again, I open the device manager to see the touch screen has been enabled again. Please help, this driving me crazy !!!
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    Solved Pre-emptive clean just to be sure...

    It's a pretty recent new laptop, used it for not long, it's pretty clean but I want to make sure it's without any malicious code lurking around that can't be found before I further upgrade my security. I don't think I did anything problematic with it except use torrents for a bit to get some...