malware detection

  1. H

    Malware tech tools

    Greetings. I Interesting in the malware. But the tools that I use that it might be oldschool for nowadays and I quit on this for long time. I Would like to asking you guys that what tools or program that use to fix the malware process for nowadays? In the old time. I Still using Hijackthis...
  2. Galleherjazz

    Weblinks Won't Open Properly to Webpage

    I have Windows 7 Professional HP PC, and recently my weblinks saved on my PC do not open properly. At first, when I clicked on a link, it went into the Print panel. This applies only to the weblinks that I have saved in various folders, not to my bookmarked links within the browser. (My default...
  3. S

    Solved How to make sure the computer is clean after hacking?

    Hi, I am helping a friend of a friend whilst on holiday in Germany. He has been the subject of a "vishing" attack, ie bogus telephone callers made him install TeamViewer and give them the TeamViewer UserID and Password over the phone. Luckily he realised it was a scam when they started to ask...