media disconnected

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    Media disconnected

    Hi all, First off, thank your for your time. Appreciate it. I was recently given a laptop for home use. Very old machine from 2008 running Vista. It was previously used by a friend who was Korean so all the software was in Korean. I reinstalled windows on it since changing regional settings did...
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    Solved PC suddenly unable to find wifi networks

    Hi, I'm hoping someone may kindly be able to help with this. I have two PCs (both windows 10). The one I am now using is connected to the modem by cable. The other - too far from the modem to use a cable - connects through wifi. At least it used to! It has suddenly stopped. If I look...
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    Solved Wirelesss Adapters: "Media disconnected"

    Hello! I've run into an unfortunate problem. I was port forwarding earlier to create a server for an online game when my internet suddenly crashed and stopped working completely. The internet router itself is fine, for my phone and other computers in the household can connect to it. But now my...
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    Win 7 Desktop PC Won't Connect to Wireless Internet

    I've spent hours trying to do my own troubleshooting and research on this and honestly I'm fed up and exhausted. My Windows 7 PC won't connect to wireless internet, when I troubleshoot it it tells me that I need to plug in my Ethernet cable, which I have done. Even with the Ethernet cable, it...
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    Cannot connect to web over wired connection but wireless ok

    I have a Dell Latitude E6440 laptop running Windows 10 Pro with a Brightbox 2 Router from EE and for some unknown (to me) reason cannot now connect my wired connection to the web. I've read a few previous posts which ask users to post the results from ipconfig / all command, which I have...