1. Erater

    Need Help For a Home Media Server Setup

    Hi everyone, I am trying to setup a home media server at my parents home as a christmas gift. It should be able to share 4K movies on their local network, centralize and secure all their works as well as letting them access those files when not at home. Here's my "DIY NAS' server build : -...
  2. Crossroads

    Crossroads project

    Hi guys, I'm not so much asking for help, more for brainstorm participants. Here is the thing: I'm part of a very small group with big ideas. We just created a website starting from absolute zero (knowledge). Its aim is to inform and get in touch with as many Actors as possible (Actors here...
  3. L

    Solved Comp. boots into BIOS when it states, "no media present"

    I just booted up my computer and it wont keeps booting into BIOS when it says, "checking media presence... no media present." Nearly every time I boot up my comp it tends to not connect to my monitor or just freezes with the ASUS logo up without ever booting up, which then forces me to force...
  4. M

    Media Computer Program Auto-Launch

    I am attempting to build a media computer to plug into my television. I'd like to control it with an XBox 360 controller, and there are two programs I'd like it to run (Kodi and EmulationStation). I'd like the computer to launch to a screen where I select which program I will use, after which it...
  5. SarahSayers


    Hi Guys, I have just found a Compaq presario V4000 running on windows XP. When I try and start it I get an error message saying media test failure, check cable for realtek. I don't have a windows disc. The error code is PXE-E61 and PXE-M0F
  6. ginger.mcmurray

    How to delete or hide media streaming profiles?

    I have several devices I stream media to and one PC I stream it from. The PC has been around for a while and had user accounts created and deleted. Whenever I connect to it to stream the device I'm connected to sees a lot of profiles, only one of which actually exists anymore. I've looked all...
  7. R

    Possibly corrupt video files

    I transferred some videos from my phone to my computer and I think they may be corrupted, but I'm not sure, that's why I thought I'd ask, when I hover over the video files it says that the full amount is there, but the videos only play for 2 seconds then pause and skip to the end. Anything I can...
  8. A

    Help creating a media network - iPad Pro

    Hi everyone I'm hoping some tech wizards can help me with a little project I'm trying to do, I'll give you a breakdown of my situation first: Im a Support Worker and I look after a lad with autism and learning disabilities and im trying to set up a media network for him, he loves watching dvd's...