memory card

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    Want to add more memory to my computer

    I have 4 gb memory on my desktop computer and I would like to add more. System Information tells me how much memory my computer has, but not what kind. As I remember, it would be written on the memories but then I need to open the computer only to check it and know what to buy. Is there any more...
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    Continuous beep and Dram led light on

    Good day to you all! :) My cumputer was working fine until yesterday when i moved it to my other house,i installed everything back and i tryed to turn it on but instead of booting up it makes a contunious long beeping and a red led light below the dram sign,and there is no display on the...
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    Memory Upgrades

    I am trying to upgrade this HP Compaq Convertible Mini Tower from 6GB to Max of 16GB and need to know if KOMPUTERBAY 8GB ( 2 X 4GB ) DDR2 DIMM (240 PIN) 800Mhz PC2 6400 PC2 6300 8 GB - CL 5 will it work on my system? Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft...
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    Micro Disk Memory Card help

    Hello. I have installed a sandisk micro memory card on my HP stream 13 laptop. I am trying to play games on steam and it told me I did not have enough disk space avaliable to download game. I bought a micro sandisk card and installed it. I can't get steam to use the extra space from the micro...
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    Micro SD memory card-uploading problems

    Hi, I've been making audio recordings of my piano playing for an audition, and I used a ZOOM Q2HD (with a Micro SD memory card) to record myself playing. However, the laptop was not able to detect the memory card. It said "There's nothing to import. We couldn't find anything to import from that...
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    SD Card is not visible in windows explorer

    Images below depicting the problem. All these images providing information about same memory card. I am using a SD card reader for accessing the data from SD card operating system windows 7 sd card is not visible in windows explorer sd card can be viewed in computer management this...