memory leak

  1. T

    Frequent memory leak on a primordial process

    Good day, Over the past few months, I have seen the performance of my Dell Inspiron 1545 worsen. This happened after I got it's battery fixed and bought a new charging cable. Turns out, there's a constant memory leak (the memory usage goes all the way to 98% - about 2gb on the process and the...
  2. agent_washingtub

    Solved Big Memory Leak (modified memory gets bigger and bigger)

    The longer my PC stays on, the more and more memory seems to get used up. In the resource monitor, it shows the 'modified memory' as the culprit, starting at less than 100Mb when the PC is booted up, to a whopping 9Gb at it's peak. I've not installed any new updates or programs leading up to...
  3. M

    high memory usage.

    I have searched everything on my pc and ran extensive tests but nothing has fixed it. I dont even have anything running to make it take up so much memory. I did however find something that looks like it could be the problem but dont know how to fix it. It is in my users tab in my task manager...
  4. agent_washingtub

    Memory Leak

    My system seems to always show between 60-90% of RAM in use, but when I run resource monitor, I can only ever account for less than half of what it says is used. Is there something I'm missing here? I added up every single process that is in the list, but still come up with a number much smaller...