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    Solved Recovering videos from memory stick

    Hello! Sorry if I chose the wrong topic for this. I think I may have lost one of my memory sticks and I would like to recover some videos from it. I have viewed them on my computer when the stick was in the USB port but I never saved the files to my computer. I can see the files if I run...
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    Solved RAM Issue on Z170-A

    So i was playing PUBG and out of nowhere my pc freezes and my keyboard and mouse LEDS shut off but my screen is still on and showing PUBG (frozen) so i knew it was the ram and removed one stick and my pc worked again, but then when i placed the other stick the DRAM_LED flashed red and my pc...
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    USB Memory Stick disconnects when accessed

    I've got a SanDisk Ultra USB 128GB which has my steam and all my games on. Until this morning it's been fine but now it disconnects every time I try and open up an app or copy anything from it. It's got a lot of important stuff on it so I dont wanna format it again. I haven't installed anything...
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    Memory isn't fully working

    Trying to install new motherboard. With memory of four sticks each 8GB, only two memory slots are functional. I've tried swapping all four sticks around the slots in all combinations, but still only slots 3 and 4 are working. Three of the memory sticks are known to be functional. All memory...
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    Memory problem

    Tracers intermitently at various places on the screen. Also have had the screen go black running from the top to the bottom. I have removed the memory sticks, cleaning the crud from the gold plating using 70% rubbing alcohol. Soft absorbed residual alcohol then let them finish drying for 3...
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    How to clean memory stick

    Getting tracers on my screen. Have swapped the sticks. But still getting tracers. My first thought is cleaning the gold connectors. What is the reccomended way to clean them. tia oldcity