1. kekwLenovo

    Memory usage

    I bought a new pc for gaming this lenovo legion y530 and i downloaded some games and the pc showed i have low memory storage so i checked the disc that is given was full but when i checked avalable memory it said 6.15GB out of 8GB can you help me to use more of the ram
  2. B

    Solved RAM upgrade

    Hello guys , i want to upgrade my pc with more 8 RAM .Now i have a single channel memory with 2400 mhz CL 17.And i wanna make sure that memory i want to buy is compatible with my actual memory .I want to buy this model Memory ADATA Premier 8GB DDR4 2400MHz CL17 1.2v I attached 2 images my type...
  3. A

    Buying a new laptop

    Hello. I'm new to this forums. I'm from India. So actually, I was in search of a new laptop. Then I found one laptop that fits my budget and requirements. But, I'm a bit confused about its RAM capacity. In the technical specifications, the Memory says "4.0GB PC4-19200 DDR4 SODIMM 2400MHz + 4.0GB...
  4. J

    Ram upgrade On Gaming Laptop Issues

    how can you be 100% sure that a certain type of ram upgrade is compatible with your PC? i upgraded lenovo legion y740 ram to 32gb 3200mhz kingston hyper x impact. (2xsticks of 16 gb ram) and now the cpu runs at nearly FULL clock speeds at idle. but the ram runs at 2666 mhz clock speed just as...
  5. M

    Problem with mods

    so I have had my pc for a while now and I used to be able to run and play mods for Minecraft on my computer (i ran them thru the twitch app, now I'm using the technic launcher). But now whenever I try to run them it never lets me. I think it has something to do with ram or java but I'm not...
  6. T

    Frequent memory leak on a primordial process

    Good day, Over the past few months, I have seen the performance of my Dell Inspiron 1545 worsen. This happened after I got it's battery fixed and bought a new charging cable. Turns out, there's a constant memory leak (the memory usage goes all the way to 98% - about 2gb on the process and the...
  7. H

    Memory problem and crashing. Please help

    Hey there! I have a bit of a problem and I don't even know where the problem is coming from. So what happened is i bought a new graphics card lately because the old one was kind of dying. However since I installed this one I'm having some troubles with my PC. -My games and programs are closing...
  8. S

    Windows 8.1 Management error

    So, I recently got my new pc and Installed Windows 8.1 in it. The installation was doing fine, but when I set up my personalize and click next an error pops up. "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you. If you'd...
  9. I

    How to put reserved memory in use?

    So I have a great PC had it for like 6 months now but in the last 5 days it's been super slow especially when playing games like Fortnite. My PC should be able to handle it and it was able to before now but recently it's unplayable. Then I realized that 4 out of by 8Gb of RAM (memory) is...
  10. php guy

    Memory Upgrade Not Working?

    Hello, I have a ThinkPad T480 that shipped with a single, 8GB memory. I want to upgrade to 32GB. I used the Crucial scan tool and it recomended the following upgrade. It also says on the page that it is in fact compatible with the T480: Crucial 32GB Kit (16GBx2) DDR4 2400 MT/s (PC4-19200) DR...
  11. N

    Hp compaq 6005 pro small form factor ram upgrade okay in this manual it has a crap ton of specifications for upgraded memory. It only comes stock with 1 4gb. And can go Upto 16gb naturally I'm searching to make it 16gb lol please help me find what the crap I need so I can...
  12. A

    Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 RAM Upgrade Issue

    I'm currently using a Dell Inspiron 15R 5520, which, by default, has one 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM stick pre-installed. I wanted to upgrade the RAM to 8GB so that I could run games better. I purchased another 4GB DDR3 1600MHz off of Amazon and inserted it into the second slot which hasn't been used...
  13. J

    Multiple BSOD errors after

    Ever since I bought my prebuilt PC setup I've been having BSOD errors. Link to the setup: I've tried: Updating device drivers Reseating RAM sticks Doing a repair upgrade on the OS The errors I get are: irql not less or equal...
  14. W

    Is my RAM working or even installed?

    I bought a laptop from acer before i went to uni in September and when i came back for Christmas it just black screened (wouldnt start up at all) . I took it back to PC world as I had it under warranty and they took it away for 2+ weeks to be repaired. upon getting it back i was informed that...
  15. W

    chrome.exe - Application Error

    Hello, Reaching out to see if anyone is familiar with troubleshooting the following error when I try to open my Google Chrome browser. It appears as Chrome attempts to load the home page, but crashes before it does. "The instruction at 0x3f8bf00f referenced memory at 0x0000000. The memory...
  16. J

    8GB ram installed but only 3.95 usable

    Hello. I just bought a components to build my first computer. But after istallation I found that I am using only 3.95gb out of 8gb ram. I tried probably everything. My bios is up-to date. But here is some strange. In bios I can see only 1 installed stick. But in windows I can see 2 of them. Also...
  17. Y

    Is it okay to mix ram? Same size same speed

    Hi guys I want to upgrade my ram. My computer currently only has 6gb ram (3x2gb) I've seen someone selling some ram which seems to match my specs perfectly for next to nothing. They are 3x2gb sticks Ddr3 1333mhz All of. Those specs are the exact same as my current ram. Is there anything...
  18. A

    What laptop should I purchase

    Hello, Last March, I purchased an HP stream with 4GB Memory, 32GB eMMC Storage. I was not aware that a common issue in the laptop is that all the restore points use up basically all the storage. I have no room for anything on my laptop, I cannot update it, and trying to use the thing is pretty...
  19. J

    Can I mix exactly the same RAM, bar memory size?

    I want to add more RAM to my system. I currently have Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 2133MHz 4GB x 2 (CMY8GX3M2A2133C11). Is it possible to mix it with exactly the same RAM, just 2 x 8GB (CMY16GX3M2A2133C11), to create 24GB system?
  20. L

    Which rams will work on my mobo. Hp compaq 6000 pro sff

    I will attach pictures, kindly check and tell, is all this rams are same like timings etc. The samsung is currently running on my pc. My hp compact 6000pro small form factor .