1. M

    New Lenovo Computer Crashing All Applications

    HI! I know nothing about computers so please help and don't use complicated language! My desktop recently started crashing every application I open (or try to open.) The only program I can successfully run is Google Chrome which I have no problem with at all. EVERYTHING ELSE, including task...
  2. S

    C:\ drive keeps losing memory

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but my drive C:\ space is vanishing and I have no clue how to change it. It has a capacity of 119GB, and the other day it literally went down to 0, I've checked and the only things I can think of moving from there were the anitvirus and malware scanners...
  3. B

    Chrome stored websites, takes too long to remove

    Hi, I have posted on Google Help for a month, with no help from anyone. I have a four month old LG Android, and the following has happened from the beginning. Stored cookies from websites, when I go into Chrome, settings, storage, and trying to clear them one by one, takes two minutes to load...
  4. Z

    Computer restarting without warning. Showing I have half RAM

    I know this isnt exactly the place to put this post but I couldn't find a better spot.. So basically a clear indicator theres a problem is the fact that my pc recognizes I have all my RAM installed, however the problem starts when it shows I have Half of it all of a sudden. Currently I have 12...
  5. I

    New Built PC wont boot

    Hello, I am trying to built the new PC with the following specifications. 1- Crucial 32GB Ballistix Sport DDR4 2400 MHz UDIMM Memory Module Kit (2 x 16GB) 2 - Intel Core i7-6800K Processor with LGA 2011-v3 ATX Motherboard not sure if RAM is compatible with this or not. here is the link...
  6. D

    Disc Usage

    Just bought a second hand Alienware computer which was formatted and back to factory. I've logged into it and installed Norton Anti-virus but now my disc usage bounces 5% - 100% and will stay up in the high 80%-mid 90%. Other than norton which isn't running any scans or anything there's nothing...
  7. LGR


    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7 Processor Count: 4 RAM: 3979 Mb Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000, 1797 Mb Hard Drives: C: 293 GB...
  8. SPIKEpilot

    Mobo / Memory Matching

    I just purchased an Asus ROG Maximus IX Code & I just found that it shows a maximum ram of DDR4 4133 MHz+ (OC) 4 DIMM Dual Channel XMP support. This was probably the fastest ram at manufacture time, as this is an extremely high end board. Before I saw that requirement, I had ordered G.SKILL...
  9. T

    Clearing space of my laptop/tablet

    Hello there! I have a Toshiba laptop/tablet that runs on Windows, and it's running out of memory space. I'm down to 355 MB of 20.6 GB. I deleted a few things, but they were small and didn't really make a dent. I really don't know anything about this - can anyone out there tell me what kinds of...
  10. Thaas

    RAM Memory problem for gaming

    Hello, a few months ago i upgraded my ram memory because it was only 2x2 GB, so i purchased 2x4 Kingston 2133 , (these...
  11. I

    Upgrading memory. Not sure on compatability .

    I have a Biostar GF8100 M2+ TE 6.x on the specs page it shows : Support Dual Channel DDR2 533/667/800/1066(1066 by AM2+ CPU) MHz 2 x DDR2 DIMM Memory Slot Max. Supports up to 8GB Memory I tried running Crucials compatibility software but the best it gave me was a 4GB kit (2x 2GB sticks) I...
  12. K

    Performance issues (Memory consistently high)

    Hello Recently my computer has been having performance issues. I checked Task Manager and it turns out Trend Micro Anti-Malware solution platform or coreserviceshell.exe is causing the memory issues. I have tried looking up ways to fix the issue to no avail. My memory currently is 74% it...
  13. B

    referenced memory cannot be read

    referenced memory cannot be read the instruction 0x0359e8f9 reference memory 0x0538cad4 cancel to n de bug
  14. U

    Strange Memory Problems (Potential incompatability?)

    So I've owned a rig that I built form scratch for about 2 years now. A couple weeks ago it stopped working and I had the motherboard shipped to ASUS when it refused to Post. After they sent me a new motherboard on the warranty I reassembled my Rig and immediately began running into problems with...
  15. D

    Recovery of deleted files (images and videos) in Micro SD

    Hi! :cry: Can you please help me how to recover deleted images and videos in my micro SD card? what software/application can I use?:cry::cry::cry: Thank you so much.:cry:
  16. n13

    Memory to run Lightroom

    I am currently looking for a new computer, however, I am on a budget. The memory on my current computer is not enough. I have an external hard drive that I save my work on, but I was wondering is it the RAM memory that's necessary to run Lightroom or is it the hard drive memory? The memory on my...
  17. T

    Getting high memory about 50% with nothing running

    Memory 16.0 GB Speed: 2133 MHz Slots used: 2 of 4 Form factor: DIMM Hardware reserved: 12.0 GB Available 1.1 GB Cached 345 MB Committed 3.6/6.6 GB Paged pool 260 MB Non-paged pool 688 MB In use (Compressed) 2.9 GB (0...
  18. Q

    6.9 GB RAM usage with no major program opened

    I recently had problems with either lags in a game (minecraft) or a slow opening file exploer in my new pc. I do not believe it is a problem with the game, because when i check task manager, i see memory usage at 80%+ on a 16 GB system. Even after I close the game it remains relatively high and...
  19. P

    Google Chrome Helper running multiple times

    After a 100% improvement on my Windows 7 laptop, I wanted to see if there was a way to make my Mac even faster. I found Google Chrome Helper in my Activity Monitor>Memory 21 times using 1522 MB of my memory. Is this normal or do I have a problem? I tried to run your SysInfo, but couldn't get...
  20. S

    Solved When i boot my computer it is already using 98% ram

    As title states. I did get it to boot a few times where it was okay. That being said i used to leave my pc on for a really long time and since i updated to windows 10 it slows down much faster than it used to. But now i am not able to get it to boot without using 98% of the memory. I have tried...