1. B

    Solved Where did the Google Maps hamburger go?

    I have Google Maps v 10.58.2 running under Android 7.0 on a Motorola G4. I used to be able to click on the hamburger menu to access things like Downloaded Files. Where did it disappear to?
  2. arawire

    Menu / Bespoke Screen when turning on a computer

    Hello, I am using a laptop to run only 3 Python programs to control some machinery. What I want to happen, is that when the user turns on the laptop they get a screen with 3 options, each option will kick off a python program. I don't want the windows screen or menu to show. Is there a...
  3. S

    cant create anything 'new'

    hi, recently I have been getting this problem where I can't create anything new on my desktop. every time I right-click on my desktop I can't do everything apart from creating anything new. when I hover my mouse over the tab 'new' my screen refreshed and sometimes even crashes. I have tried to...