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    Cell Phone Notifications Error

    My boyfriend and I live in two different countries at the moment. He recently got a new phone. It is run by Android. However, now he does not receive any notifications of my messages in Facebook or WhatsApp. He can be online in Facebook and the message shows it was sent to the server, but not to...
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    Error message disk drive

    Hi all, My laptop (Alienware M11x) fell off my desk the other day while i was cleaning n ever since i cant get it to start up. I ran a pre start system test and got "ERROR CODE 0146" and "ERROR MESSAGE 2000-0146" appear on my screen. Anyone know the issue this relates to or how to fix it...
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    Solved Please Help! Excel- Office File Validation Message

    Good Morning, I recently created a spreadsheet in Excel and I received this error message: How do I open the spreadsheet without receiving this message and without having to recreate it? It is shared, multiple people in the office need to access it often. It was created on Office Excel 2003...
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    File won't Open

    I'm having trouble opening an essay Ive been working on which is the final piece for my post graduate. It's causing me a great deal of stress!! the error that comes up when I open it is... SAXParseException: '[word/document.xml line 2]: Attribute w:cstheme redefined ', Stream...