1. NerdyGirl161

    Messenger Account Recovery

    How can I recover a Messenger account that was made without a Facebook account? I could only remember the Username but I forgot the password. I really need this account back but the new Messenger doesn't help at all.
  2. MiaJoan11

    What does “first seen on this device” in secret chat means?

    Hello, I’m trying to understand how does secret conversations work on Facebook Messenger. I don’t get what does the date mean next to the “first seen by this device”. Is it the date when the secret chat was used last or something else? Can someone help me, please.
  3. S

    Messenger won't load videos. Help!

    The videos have audio but only show a black screen. I have cleared cache/data and uninstalled/reinstalled and it still does it. Any ideas are appreciated thank you! (Phone is a Samsung 5 neo)
  4. Ananism

    Facebook chat

    My Facebook chat is not displaying any messages. Whenever I try to load a thread, it remains blank, and keeps loading forever. All my previous conversations are not showing either. I can send messages and people can reply them, but I cannot see their reply. I have tried different mobile devices...