1. J

    Mic on PC only records audio output instead of my voice

    I've tried downloading and uninstalling drivers, messing with settings, changing mics, using different mic ports on my computer... im frustrated and i have no clue how to fix it
  2. J

    Earphone mic not being detected

    My HyperX Cloud Earbuds mic is not being detected by my laptop but it is working. I can hear sounds out of it when I plug it in my laptop but it cannot detect its mic. I have tried updating all of my drivers. I tried looking for any hidden microphones but there isn't any. It works perfectly on...
  3. W

    Hearing typing during calls

    Hi there, apologies if this is in the wrong forum, I'm not entirely sure what it classes under. Basically, during calls on Facebook, I often hear what sounds like someone typing when no one around is. I have confirmed it isn't coming from the other persons speaker either. I'm on Windows 10 and...
  4. B

    Mic Abruptly Stopped Working On PC

    So my mic stopped working on my PC out of nowhere fairly recently (about 3 or 2 days before Christmas). It was about a few weeks ago when my problem started and I tried everything that I see on the internet. I uninstalled the drivers, checked for a driver update [said was up to date], ran...
  5. N

    microphone problems

    Hi, I have a MacBook Pro but for some reason my microphone is turned off and I don't know how to turn it on again, I followed apple´s instructions: System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click Privacy. Select Microphone. but when I click on privacy there is no select microphone...
  6. C

    Mic Buzzing On Charging !

    Since I have Installed the new Windows 8.1 month ago I am experiencing that there is mic buzzing while I put my laptop on charging ! Some thing I want to share : 1. There wasn't any problem before this window . 2. I tried and change the charger adapter but nothings happening ! 3. Also change...
  7. Z

    Noise produced without microphone

    Hey wassup everyone... my problem is that noise is produced without a mic , when i disconnect my microphone(it's a condenser mic) from the USB Sound card (Headphones are still connected) , and i go to {recording setting > recording devices > microphone properties > listen to this device} it...
  8. K

    Wired Headphone Mic Not Working Windows 10

    I've recently purchased a new gaming headphone, with a mic. I plugged it in, went to control center, made my device the default communications device. I run my headphones from: Pc to HDMI to Monitor To Headphones input. In the "playback" setting of the sound window it has the monitor present...
  9. F

    Mic not recognized by all games but every audio software

    It's said in the Title, I can't find a way to get my mic working ingame. Most of the times I tried I had a voice recording programm open in the back (Discord). But even if that's the problem i still would want to be able to have Discord and the game accessing my mic. I checked the settings, all...
  10. Frostclaw

    Overwhelming Static on USB Microphone

    I am getting the most overwhelming electronic static through my CAD U1 USB Microphone-- which has always worked perfectly fine on the same computer in the past. I've tried everything I can think of. Disabling/Enabling AGC, Maximizing/Minimizing the volume, reinstalling the drivers, trying a new...
  11. V

    Inbuild Microphone not working properly

    Hello there. I'm having a little question with my buildin MIC. When I enable it in de audio manager, I'll start to hear myself in my headphones or speakers when the headphones aren't connected. The MIC works, people can hear me, but I can hear myself too and it's getting pretty annoying. I've...
  12. T

    Help! Mic not being picked up!

    For the past two years, I have (accidentally) been using my laptop mic. I figured this out today, and tried to fix the problem on my own. The only issue is that my laptop is only picking up my internal mic, not the one on my headset. I am using a splitter with my headset because my laptop only...
  13. Reesha

    Solved Headset's microphone problems

    Hello, I bought ASUS Cerberus v2 headset. All components are detected, but microphone doesn't pick the sound up and while troubleshooting appears disconnected. Any tips? Microphone works perfectly fine connected right into PC. I'm using a splitter. Headset connected to the phone works...
  14. I

    Headset or microphone i can hear them but they cant hear me

    Hello guys Im using acer aspire e1-522 model , the problem is when i plug the micophone or the headset i can hear anything like music or recording something , or a website like chatting voice recording or something like that , i can hear the people but they cant hear me i dont know why , please...
  15. ashnator

    Recording devices won't recognize any mic

    OKAY SO. First of, my laptop is this one; https://www.amazon.c...0?ie=UTF8&psc=1/ USED. Now, here's my problem. For the past few weeks my recording devices just decided to stop recognizing any mics I connect to it, every one except the built in one. I know it's not the my mic because it...
  16. F

    Mic wont get picked up

    Hello, i just bought my new PC and i am trying to plug my turtle beach into it to talk, but it wont pick it up i can only hear people i cant talk. There is only one cord on the turtles beach and there are two slots where i can plug it in. One of the slots is a headphone picture (Which is the...
  17. D

    Headset mic keeps cutting in and out

    Hey there! I am currently using an ASUS ROG GL502 laptop. I can't remember when this issue first popped up, but it seems to have been very slowly getting worse. When I am in voice chats, whether it be Discord, in-game, Teamspeak, or Mumble, my mic on my headset cuts out certain chunks of me...
  18. M

    Mic stops working when playing games AND using a chat app

    Hello, I'll try to explain it as simply as I can. I'm having a problem whenever I open up a any game AND am using a chat app like discord or skype, after a few seconds, my mic stops working. If you look in the recording settings, the green bars are not showing up, so windows is not detecting my...
  19. H

    Microphone suddenly quiet

    I went on a two week trip and my computer was left untouched. Before I left, my mic was working perfectly. Now, it's beyond quiet, and I have to scream for any noise to pick up. I've move it to different ports, uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, messed with the settings. Nothing has changed...
  20. A

    how to connect regular mic to samsung tv ?

    hello, im trying to connect a mic to my tv for karaoke for the holidays but am unable to find which cables are needed to be able to do this. please help? would it be rca a/v cables?