1. J

    logitech key binds not working

    hi my mous software g hub from logitect has a option to key bind my buttons on my mouse but i just stopped working after i changed my case. but the sowftware and the keybindings work fine on my laptop. since deleting the program completely on mmy pc and all the sub files doesnt work im thinking...
  2. F

    Windows 10 (Requires interactive windows station) Deathadder

    Hi, I've been having some problems lately. I bought Resident evil 7, and apparently there's a glitch where the cursor or mouse just straight up doesn't work in game, and to even get to the main menu you need to click yes or no when it asks to create a save file. Nonetheless, I troubleshot for...
  3. M

    weird mouse issue please help

    i was having a xbox controller issue so i did some research and found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVdjIwu5Eoo&feature=you... and i followed what he did in the video. except after i did the drive cleanup my issue started. whenever i open up something with a video whether its a game...
  4. AntonMiEngland

    Solved Trackpad intermittent fault

    Dear readers I bought a laptop a while back, had some issues and after exchanging it a few times I came to this laptop that I am typing this article on now. The trackpad was a bit temperamental at first but then progressed to the point where, intermittently, the track pad will assumes that 1-2...