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    Mic Showing as Unplugged in Sounds after Windows Reinstall

    I recently reinstalled windows 10and now my mic is not working. It has worked before. I've had this problem before a while back and forgot how I fixed it (pretty sure it was by reinstalling again but i have done that multiple times). I've tried updating and installing drivers. My mic does have a...
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    My built-in mic doesn't seem to record my voice

    Hi, I have an Acer Aspire Laptop. I recently upgraded it to Windows 10. I have noticed that my Mic does not record my voice. I have enabled mic in sound settings and updated the relevant drivers. However, still no chance! The mic seems to be enabled and working but when I test record all I...
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    New headset sounds permanently bass boosted

    I recently got a new headset, a Logitech G230, and instantly noticed that it sounds like all audio is bass boosted. This was not the case with my previous headset and the only controls on the wire for the headset is a mic on/off switch and a volume slider.
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    audio playing and recording not working

    so today i got a new face cam, plugged it in, installed the software and it was working well. i got back to my pc a few hours later and now i cant hear any sound or record any with my michrophone. Didnt do anything on my pc in between installing the drivers and getting back on later. So to sum...