micro sd

  1. K

    Garbled Music on Micro SD Card

    Hello all, I have this odd problem on my micro sd that has been slotted in my Huawei Mate 9 for a few months now, I use it to store and play my own music that I download through a program called AVC (Any Video Converter) on a PC and convert it to MP3 files. They play beautifully, only that...
  2. H

    Corrupted Micro SD card Recovery?

    Hi, so I have a 200gb micro SD card that was corrupted and they want me to format it but I won't because it still has all of my music and pictures on it. I really want to get them back only about 30gb of the data was used up on the card. I have tried almost every program you can try to recover...
  3. T

    Micro SD card file problems

    I currently have a 64 GB SanDisk micro SDcard that whenever I attempt to open the drive it prompts me with "You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?" I need all or most of the files in the card, so wiping the drive isn't an option. I was using...
  4. A

    Hexadecimal and HDD - What happens if I change the hex #s?

    Just looking for information on what could happen if I changed hex numbers on any sort of data storage device. Example- hdd, thumb drive, memory card.
  5. L

    Pro duo adapter issue

    Okay I've seen various problems and fixes...but not a problem quite like this one that I'm having....so I have a 200gb micro sd card and my memory stick pro duo adapter reads it as only 55gb and asked to format every time I insert it. I have used the 200gb card in a regular sd adapter and it...
  6. J

    Windows doesn't read SD card

    So, lately I'm having a problem with my pc: it won't read my SD card anymore. I've tried searching for recommendations online, but really nothing helped. After sometime I realised that before this happened I used the SD card in a Mac. So I think that this is the problem. The problem now is that...
  7. L

    Need help with SD card issue

    So. I had a 64gb micro SD with music in for my mp3. Acquired some more music on a usb from my brother (legitimately bought) and though hey! I'll sort all my music out to folders and delete duplicates. You know how it gets. So after this. Thought I'd get a 256gb micro SD and put all my music on...
  8. K

    broken micro sd card

    After formatting the partition giving it a new name and drive letter my micro sd card was finally recognized by my windows 10 laptop; however when I tried to open it to make sure it worked before I wrote a disk image to the drive it gave me this error "Please insert drive into drive E:", that...
  9. jucarda57

    Win 10 PC won't read my SD card

    Hi, I am not a tech guy, but I always want to be informed about the tech I use. However, I never thought about file systems before acquiring cards for my DSLR camera. They work fine on the camera, though. The issue is in my laptop. I used to have a Win 8.1 Toshiba Satellite and the cards worked...
  10. J

    Recovery of a corrupted Micro SD card

    Hello TSG Here is a frustrating problem: My micro sd card, 16gb, suddenly got unreadable. Im told that the card is empty and is prompted to format it whenever i plug it into a device, whether its a phone or a computer. I ran "/chkdsk" in cmd, and it told me that the format was RAW. It...
  11. W

    cyclic redundancy error on new SD card

    I have bought a friend of mine an Android phone (2nd hand HTC A8181) for Christmas. He's not very tech savvy and doesn't have regular access to a computer, so I'm trying to get everything set up for him as far as possible in advance. His current phone, not an Android, does have a memory card...