microphone input

  1. M

    Scarlett USB one ear

    So my headphones are only playing out the left ear when I plug in my Scarlett USB in the computer. I’ve tried everything from clicking to Mono to looking at the MIDI set up but nothing works. My headphones work perfectly fine when I don’t have the interface in so I know it’s a setting.
  2. M

    PC records from inbuilt mic instead of the one plugged in

    When I plug in my headphones (they include a mic) instead of recording my voice from my headphone it records from the inbuilt microphone which makes the recordings very noisy. I've tried different headphones and microphones and I've tried going to the sound setting and change the selected...
  3. Cosmickel

    None of the microphones jacks on my pc work

    I recently bought a splitter so that I could use my arctis 7 on my on with mic and sound but the mic only gives a crazy staticky noise with no voice at all. The sound does work. I tried plugging to the back of my pc, same issue. I tried plugging with different headphones, same issue. The...
  4. L

    Microphone not working on PC- Fan feedback

    I've recently finished building my pc (Ryzen 5 3600 + b450 Tamahawk Max) and everything went great- I uploaded all relevant drivers, updated windows etc. The only issue is when I try to plug my external microphone in, it gives me this fan feedback (I've included a recording-...
  5. A

    Windows 10 not detecting my headphone

    Hello, so my vivobook 14 is having issuees detecting headphones. Whenever i plug in my headphone i hear a beep and the realtek audio console pops up to verify if i plugged in a headphone (see attachment 1) the sound starts playing through my headphone so that's ok. But there is an issue since...
  6. A

    My built-in mic doesn't seem to record my voice

    Hi, I have an Acer Aspire Laptop. I recently upgraded it to Windows 10. I have noticed that my Mic does not record my voice. I have enabled mic in sound settings and updated the relevant drivers. However, still no chance! The mic seems to be enabled and working but when I test record all I...
  7. S

    Headphone Audio input failure

    I have a Dell Inspirion P70f, I recently got a headset with attached mic. At first when I plugged it in nothing worked. Searched online and found out I needed to update my audio driver to the Native Driver, after doing so my Headphones hear everything, however there is no Audio input via the...