1. V

    Lenovo Laptop Wont Record Sound

    On Monday I spilled some water on my laptop. It's now working fine, except it wont record sound on Adobe premier pro. I use windows 10, and it plays sound out perfectly. But, if I try to connect my mic, it doesn't record any sound. My mic works on other devices though and I can use headphones...
  2. J

    Earphone mic not being detected

    My HyperX Cloud Earbuds mic is not being detected by my laptop but it is working. I can hear sounds out of it when I plug it in my laptop but it cannot detect its mic. I have tried updating all of my drivers. I tried looking for any hidden microphones but there isn't any. It works perfectly on...
  3. F

    All Audio is muted whenever there is microphone input

    Hi. Been having a strange issue that I can't for the life of me find a solution to. Whenever my PC picks up a microphone input from my headphones, all audio is muted. The headphones themselves remain connected and by all appearances seem to be working, but I just hear nothing. As soon as the...
  4. Tomasek1a

    Yankee Headset Mic and Headphones not cooperating

    Hello, Recently I purchased a Yankee Hornet Headset only to find that the microphone isn't working. So, of course, I did a bit of googling and found out that it only works when plugged into the back of the PC, HOWEVER, when I plug the headphones into the back of the PC they do not work. So now I...
  5. N

    microphone problems

    Hi, I have a MacBook Pro but for some reason my microphone is turned off and I don't know how to turn it on again, I followed apple´s instructions: System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click Privacy. Select Microphone. but when I click on privacy there is no select microphone...
  6. P

    New laptop camera and microphone stopped working

    Hello! I bought a new Windows 10 gaming laptop a month ago, and was very happy about the performance and such. Now I've noticed how my microphone isn't working anymore(not in discord, steam and internet in general) and I think it's ever since I plugged in a headset into the laptop, but I'm...
  7. Z

    Blue Snowball iCE not being recognized

    i just bought a blue snowball ice and when i tried to plug it in to my computer, nothing pops up. Its a brand new microphone. Can i get some help please?
  8. J

    realtek mic not working

    recently i got a problem where my microphone wont work. its not a USB port and has 2 different inputs, 1 for audio 1 for microphone. ive tried many things and bought a new headset but it isnt working so i think its a problem inside my computer. if any1 could help me it would be much apreciated!
  9. D

    USB microphone issue

    I recently bought a usb microphone and it randomly disappears from my recording devices or not load at all during startup. I tried connecting it to a laptop and it hasn't had any issues there. I tried uninstalling usb drivers from the device manager and restarting but it doesn't fix the problem.
  10. A

    Can't get my head around noise gates

    So i'm trying to remove microphone white noise for live streaming/recording, its not that big of a noise but it kind of bugs me, i tried a noise gate but when it closes i feel like it makes the noise even more noticeable because of the difference between it being there when im talking and being...
  11. P

    Gaming headset Microphone doesn't work on PC

    It works on everything else just fine, allowing me to play various console games with my friends, but when it's hooked up to my PC, the audio comes through just fine, but my mic is completely silent. Nobody can hear anything I say. I've tried various other forums and tech advice and...
  12. crcook84

    Bluetooth adapter for gaming headphones

    I've seen a number of Bluetooth adapters that will allow wired headphones to become wireless. However, I'm trying to find an adapter that will allow for headphones with an attached microphone to be connected. Not one with an integrated microphone. Now, whether that's an adapter with two jacks or...
  13. J

    audio-technica microphone

    this is kind of low ball but i can not seem to figure it out, when im recording with my microphone there is a faint but very noticeable ringing in the back ground, and its very annoying, i have tried everything with my computer and recording software to get it to go away but it wont, i mean its...
  14. M

    Can I turn headphones into a mic and connect to phone?

    i want to get an inexpensive wireless headphone set, connect it to Bluetooth on my phone, then plug in my phone to speakers and use it as a microphone. I have a Pixel 2. A normal mic pac won’t work for me because I am an acrobat and can’t have anything on my body, and will need to tape any...
  15. Y

    How to connect 2 xlr mics into one computer

    I would like to connect 2 electric condenser mics (bm800's) into my laptop after connecting them into my phantom power. As I would like one to be for left side (left ear to hear through head phones) and one for the right. Anybody knows how to connect 2 xlr mics into a laptop?
  16. D

    Mic broken?

    Ok so before i got the lenovo support bridge and updated all of my drivers my headphones where recognized and working but now they wont recognize so i need help i reinstalled drivers and still didn't work
  17. HeatsFlamesman

    Solved Toshiba Satellite Laptop Mic/Cam Not Working

    My laptop's built-in microphone and camera are no longer being detected (or don't seem to be working) by different applications or websites that try to use them. This includes but I'm pretty certain are not limited to Duolingo (which I access from Chrome,) and the Discord desktop application...
  18. P

    Microphone doesn't work on my pc

    As of recently, my headset microphone has stopped working on my computer. However, speakers or headphones do work, and I can hear everything perfectly fine, and the microphone from my headset works fine on my mobile device. I have tried different audio jacks on my computer, and the issue is...
  19. Frostclaw

    Overwhelming Static on USB Microphone

    I am getting the most overwhelming electronic static through my CAD U1 USB Microphone-- which has always worked perfectly fine on the same computer in the past. I've tried everything I can think of. Disabling/Enabling AGC, Maximizing/Minimizing the volume, reinstalling the drivers, trying a new...
  20. PizzaLover84

    Microphone Input to TV

    Ok so basically, I have a microphone and I want to connect it to my tv. Nothing really special about it, just a simple microphone jack. Is there any way to do so? It's not a karoke machine type deal, though I'm wishing I spent the money on that if I knew I was going to have somuch trouble haha...