microsoft account

  1. shelley

    Microsoft Account auto log in

    If you avoid/don't have/don't use the usual Windows apps like Outlook, Hotmail, Edge, Xbox, Cloud, etc, is there any point in having your laptop auto log in to your Microsoft Account? Can the auto log in be disabled so you can log in when you want to without closing the account?
  2. S

    We can't sign in to your Account Windows 10 Problem

    Urgent need help for I need to use my laptop for my final papers before the School Year Resumes! So i opened my Laptop and suddenly there was a Notification about fixing some drivers so I clicked it and let the computer do its works. Then when I tried to logged in again in signed me to a...
  3. R

    Need to change account for Windows Store access

    How do I go about changing my account associated with the Windows Store? It's an old account I don't use and have forgotten all the info about it.
  4. L

    Computer won't connect to internet/locked out via password

    The Problem: My desktop computer has Windows 10. The computer will not connect to the internet. I have a Microsoft account password to access the computer but when I type in my password nothing happens. The password apparently needs the computer to be connected to the internet. The computer...
  5. A

    Windows 10 doesn't accept Microsoft Account password change

    Issue My brother has a PC with Windows 10 and two Administrator Users: #1 User: MS Account (the main one, used by my brother) #2 User: Local Account (Secondary one, used by myself) Since the login page is usually bypassed in this PC via netwizpl setup, none of us usually need to insert a...