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    Tabs in Chrome-based Edge

    Hi Is there a way to set up Chromium-based Edge so that when you click a favourite in the favourites bar or in the favourites folder, it opens in a new tab, please? I can do this with bookmarks in Vivaldi, but can't find a way to do it in Edge. Thank you.
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    How to set home page on google Microsoft edge?

    Right so after trying everything and asking multiple sources im lost, below is what i keep getting told Microsoft Edge In Microsoft Edge , select Settings and more > Settings , and then scroll down to Set your homepage. In the drop-down menu, select A specific page, enter the URL of the...
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    Microsoft Edge Favorites

    Using Windows 10 Pro. After using Microsoft Edge browser for a long time with no issues, yesterday I could not see my favorites list nor could I add any new favorites. My list is empty and when I try to add a website, I cannot write on the " SAVE IN" and the "ADD" button is greyed and cannot...
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    Solved Recent change creates loads of Internet junk, stalls Edge

    Hello: In the past few weeks - since I installed Win10, I think - my Internet program (Microsoft Edge) has been freezing up after prolonged use. I use Disk Cleanup and Ace Utilities to clear out the junk and it always works. I also use these every morning or evening, just to be safe. But I...
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    How to add MS Edge to Open With menu in Win10

    I prefer to use IE 11 as my default browser in Windows 10 but have added Firefox and Chrome to the Open With menus of .url and .html file types for when I want to open those particular file types in those browsers. I've been trying to figure out how to add MS Edge to the Open With menu as well...