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    Microsoft Office suddenly does not recognize activation

    After several years of having my old computer with office, it suddenly says this: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 This copy of Microsoft Office is not activated. You have 29 days to activate this product. Get sure that you are conected to a corporative network in order to activate...
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    Restore previously saved word document

    I am using Microsoft Word 2016 on a Mac book Pro. I accidentally saved a document under another documents name, overwriting the original document. The version history is greyed out. I do not use time machine with an external drive, so Apple told me there was no way to restore my computer to a...
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    Linking a form to database in excel

    HI guys, I need to create a form in excel which, after the fields were filled out and submitted, the data would update a dynamically linked Excel database file. For example, my form might have three fields: Name, product and quantity. My Excel file would also have three columns titled name...
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    Audiosys.dll causing problems, sound not working

    Hello and my thanks for all the responses in advance. TL;DR: programs can't play sound, I can't access audioses.dll to try to fix it I've ran into a new problem on my age old toaster home PC, and for the first time in a long while I'm not able to tackle this one down. The original errors and...
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    Solved Email when close to expiry date

    Hi all, I had a thread open a few months ago in regards to sending an email everytime an excel sheet is open to let colleagues know of expiry dates that are 90 days away (or ones that have already passed expiry. I have this currently written up in VBA, however it's not bringing up number of...
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    Setting up a microsoft account with existing domain

    Hi, I'm attempting to set up a Microsoft Business Essentials account for a client. I've done this many times before but this time I have come to a road bump. The business name is taken. But this is at the 1st step where it is trying to set it up as [email protected] (see screenshot...