1. Calebking20

    Migrating to Gsuite from Horde webmail

    I am trying to migrate my Horde account to gsuite emails however I am struggling to understand what selection to put. Do I use the IMAP option when entering the credentials in gsuite and where do I find the IMAP link on Horde?
  2. M

    Moving Thunderbird from old XP machine to newer Win 7

    Working on my OLD WinXP machine, I spent the greater part of today downloading and installing TBird 52.6.0. Then I imported the address book, email folders, and settings from Outlook Express. After a few hours of monkeying around with the server settings (which btw did NOT import from OE...
  3. O

    Failing to execute command in Ruby

    Hi everyone, I have gotten a case-interview/presentation where I am supposed to prepare an excel file for migration with the company software. I got a 23 step guide, where I was only supposed to do the first 12 prior to the presentation. The steps are shown below. I've done the first 4, but...
  4. M

    Migration to new OS and hardware

    We are a non-profit running one server the last 7 years as a file and database server. After some recent hardware problem it was decided to upgrade both hardware and software to the most recent editions. We presently run Windows server 2008 STD and SQL Sever 2008 Std and backup Exec. We are...
  5. J

    Moving OS from HDD to SSD

    Hello, I recently bought a new SSD (Kingston, 120GB). At the moment, im using default 500GB HDD that came with my PC, it is completely unpartitioned except recovery partition. Of course, what I want to do is, i want to use my SSD for my operating system and my HDD for storage. The problem is, I...