1. O

    10 gigabit LAN file transfers. Theoretical vs actual

    Hello, I have 3 machines running Windows 10. Computer A has a is being used as a file server of sorts, storing terabytes of backups and network resources. Computers B and C are being used as general purpose machines for gaming, compiling programs, and 3D modeling, and need access to the files on...
  2. umtomas

    Speed differences in LAN

    Hello, a couple of days ago I did some experimets in my LAN. I am using MacBook Pro 13" retina (wireless and USB-Ethernet 100Mbps adapter), small HP MicroServer G6 running Windows Server 2012 (1Gbps network adapter) and Mikrotik RB941-2nD hAP Lite 100Mbps router. The main purpose of my server...
  3. A

    Mikrotik NAT Rule

    Im andy from Indonesia, I have web server for my Taxi's web services, im using wamp server and after installing it I make NAT forwading in my mikrotik and suddenly all my PC clients in my office getting a IIS7 or 404 Error and blank page. Maybe this is because port 80 which used in my NAT rule...