1. George6

    Hosting Server

    I've hosted before Minecraft server on my pc so we can play on a private server... I accidentally deleted port forwarding what I've done before and now every time I want to host I can't. I've remembered that I was typing for local port some number but I don't remember which one. What should I...
  2. Fluffeehh

    Java not working properley

    I've installed Java and the control panel is there, but when I try to download .jar files on my computer it doesnt say .executable file at the end and shows a paper icon instead of a Java logo which is supposed to happen. I have tried opening it with Java SE and a black square suddenly pops up...
  3. J

    All of my files open with Notepad

    For example, I am trying to download forge for Minecraft but due to me using Notepad a few months ago for 1 file, all of my current files of the same genre are all automatically Notepads. I tried to download forge but instead of running the client it pulls up the code in Notepad. How can I...
  4. Charitylynn55

    Minecraft on MacBook Air

    I have a 2011 MacBook Air - model A1369. I want to gift it to my daughter for Christmas and one of the main games she wants a laptop for is to play Minecraft. I found the Minecraft Java version that I can purchase but before I do, I wanted to ensure that it will work on this laptop. Thank you!
  5. zipzapzop

    OptiFine problems

    I am not a really tech savvy person so this is pretty dumb. I have been trying to download OptiFine for Minecraft for the past several hours but no matter what I seem to do it just keep saving as a Mozilla Firefox JAR file and I pretty sure I've tried everything. Mozilla is not my default...
  6. camsterdude12

    25565 Port opening and closing on its own

    i have a minecraft server and i have port forwarded everything fine through both my router and firewall, now everything works i start up my server and me and my friends can all join and play for hours but after everyone jumps off so when there is noone on the server ill refresh the multiplayer...
  7. M

    Problem with mods

    so I have had my pc for a while now and I used to be able to run and play mods for Minecraft on my computer (i ran them thru the twitch app, now I'm using the technic launcher). But now whenever I try to run them it never lets me. I think it has something to do with ram or java but I'm not...
  8. V

    My friend can´t join my working Minecraft server

    Hello there, i just made a Minecraft server that works for me. I completely copied every single thing made in this video: . I also port forward, tried to turn off the firewall and allowed Java and Minecraft in Firewall (something like that the aplications were set from private to public). Simply...
  9. B

    Static IP/Port Forwarding

    I am trying to port forward my router for my friends to join my multiplayer server, but it isn't working. I created a static IP through my Fios router's website, and I checked to make sure my port was forwarded with the program "Port Forward Network Utilities" (which said that my port was...
  10. V

    Java is not found as a default program to run .jar files

    So i have been trying to start a minecraft server on my computer just for me to build and create stuff with plugins and maybe put it online in the future. For some reason i am not able to associate .jar files with java like there is no option for it. I have downloaded the latest java to run it...
  11. Holidayy

    Java/Server Hosting issues

    So for starters i'm not a pro with a computer, But ive been hosting servers for many different games over the years. But last week im pretty sure I ruined everything messing with my java( just blinding listening to other fourms). Its not just a server log error that can simply be traced. I need...
  12. Sofiahambly

    How to Unblock Minecraft at School

    Minecraft is blocked in my school. When I try to access it, I get an error of "Server can't access" or "Denied Access". Can anyone here guide me on how can I access Minecraft at my school, which is, In fact, my workplace too?
  13. T

    Port forwarding MC server

    Hello newbie here, I need some help I'm trying to setup a Minecraft server on my Raspberry Pi 3b with raspbian, it is working and i can play on it with my PC connected to the same network as the Pi. Now i want some friends that can play on it too, so i tried to setup port forwarding so my...
  14. J

    Solved .Jar Minecraft files

    My Minecraft runs perfectly. However whenever I download a .jar file as a mod for mc like optifine and open with javaw.exe nothing happens but appears as if it's loading. I've looked all over the internet and can't find anything that helps. Please help -Jonny
  15. JoeByrneham

    CANNOT install minecraft shaders

    it is what it is. with neither optifine, or java, this sh*t will not install. i get an error with optifine and the texture packs saying error 0x80030001, problem with switches or something. and with forge i have installed everything correctly and it just doesn't work. This is so annoying and i...
  16. A

    Minecraft not working cannot connect to mojang servers

    Hello, I have a little problem with minecraft. When i try to log in, it says: Sorry, but we couldn't connect to our servers. Please make sure that you are online and that Minecraft is not blocked. (SocketException: Unrecognized Windows Sockets error: 87: create) I have already tried exceptions...
  17. N

    Minecraft not working on Windows 10

    I purchased a Refurbished HP 6000 Desktop with Intel core 2 Duo Processor and everything seems to be in perfect working condition except I keep getting errors for certain programs. The error messages suggest that my driver is out of date to run the programs I need to run. Which is a major...
  18. Q

    6.9 GB RAM usage with no major program opened

    I recently had problems with either lags in a game (minecraft) or a slow opening file exploer in my new pc. I do not believe it is a problem with the game, because when i check task manager, i see memory usage at 80%+ on a 16 GB system. Even after I close the game it remains relatively high and...
  19. Jacob345k

    Solved Shaders refuses to work on new computer I have a log here...

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Don't do that. Time: 3/19/16 11:02 PM Description: Stitching texture atlas java.lang.NullPointerException: Stitching texture atlas at shadersmodcore.client.ShadersTex.readImage(ShadersTex.java:382) at...
  20. S

    duel monitor / screen recorder help

    Hi All, Hope someone can help unsure if this should be in hardware or software. I have duel monitors with the plan on having the screen recorder on the left monitor and games on the right monitor. When I play minecraft the screen recorder stays on the left monitor and the right monitor has...