1. Goddess-Bastet

    Mirroring laptop screen to TV - works once only.

    Hi all, I’m having problems connecting my laptop’s screen to the TV, On first setting up the connection by adding the TV via Bluetooth the screen shows but it refuses to connect again. No error other than can’t connect. Running Win 10 Pro 1909, all drivers up to date, TV running latest software...
  2. J

    Dual Display will only mirror, wont extend

    I have built a new PC and encountered an issue I have never had before. I have 2 monitors connected to the motherboard. Both displays work fine HOWEVER they will only display a mirrored image of each other, and I cannot seem to set up an extended display. When I open the display settings...
  3. R

    Cam to Tablet to TV ... need help!

    I am trying to set up a goPro to record video to my tablet (goPro App), then play back to a TV which is mirroring my tablet screen. The problem is it seems I can not have both the mirroring and goPro connected at the same time (have had one at a time set up and works fine). I have a Galaxy Tab...
  4. S

    Moving to .au

    I am wondering the best way to launch our Australian Website... we have a large US website, we have an Australian Domain name, but now what? Do we attempt to mirror the site? What does that entail? Do we build a completely new site? Please help
  5. W

    New Kid Here . . .

    possibly in the wrong topic, I am running a non-gamer Intel Q45 , core2duo, desktop 1Tb 8Gb ram on cublinux/chrome solo load, (absolutely no Microsoft/Adobe/Java/Flash) all open source html5 running on WiFi. When we took down the Satellite dish and controller, the Roku HD smart TV never became...