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    Iphone 6 dropped in toilet

    I dropped my Iphone in the toilet and the screen startet to flicker. After a few seconds the phone turned off. I put the phone into rice and waited a few days. When I tried to turn the phone on the screen kept beeing black but the phone was on. I know that because it vibratet when I used the...
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    Questions about Reverse phone number lookup (Cell Phone)

    Hello, Does anyone know a reliable and legitimate reverse number service that can find out the name of a person (Phone owner) that has called and/or sent a text from a cell or mobile phone ? All of the free ones I found will not give a name unless you pay them. I don't mind paying a small one...
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    Solved How do I dissociate a device with an application

    I mistakenly chose "Phone Companion" when connecting my Samsung S275 mobile phone to my Win 10 PC. Now, whenever I connect the 2, Phone Companion starts up instead of Samsung's PC Studio. How can I dissociate "Phone Companion" from the USB device? I can see the phone driver in my device driver...