1. J

    Why is my mobile's WiFi 10X faster than my computer?

    I had my Virgin Media swapped out for Zen Internet today I was very happy to see a download speed of over 300mbps and an upload speed of over 100Mbps on my Samsung Galaxy S8 (tested WiFi with data turned off). When I tested the speed on my laptop (sitting next the router) I was confounded to...
  2. HighDose00

    Why i can't see the replies from a tweet

    I'm using twitter mobile and occasionally i come across a very frustrating problem. I simply can't see the replies of a reply with a high number of likes. Example: There's a tweet with 100k likes, and a reply to it with 20k likes, i can see the replies to the main tweet with no problem, but when...
  3. J

    Different Blogger Header For Desktop & Mobile

    I want to use image header for desktop and text header for mobile for my Blogger site. How do I do it?
  4. J

    Copied Music to SD from PC. Phone sees mostly empty folders

    I have a samsung galaxy J6 I bought two 128gb micro SD cards as I wanted all my music on my phone. I have tried this in a number of different ways, with the same result. I watch them copy ( as in im watching the folder on the sd card and can see then being added one by one ) I've tried 1. micro...
  5. J

    What software do you work with?

    Hi, Are you an IT administrator, Support technician, Systems engineer, Network administrator, or the likes? What software do you use at your workplace? What software is most prominent at work places at the moment for administering and setting up employees computers and software on them, setting...
  6. I

    Mobile Based internet problem

    Guys i have a problem, whenever my father upload anything like pictures and videos on the internet or send them as a message .the whole internet starts lagging.From 70 ms it goes to 600ms,plus after they are sent-uploaded
  7. K

    Corrupt SD Card

    please help! is there any way to fix a corrupt SD card without losing any of the pictures? my phone isn't allowing me to add pictures to my SD card or move pictures to or from it, google says this means the card is corrupt my friend says plugging my phone into my laptop and uploading the...
  8. bluemetal04

    Opening NAT for AT&T's LTE network?

    I occasionally like to play online games, but it gets very difficult to do so, especially on the Nintendo Switch. I use a Netgear LB1120 as the LTE modem, and a Netgear WI-FI router connected to that. Using AT&T's unlimited data, it works very well together, but the problem is that we have...
  9. M

    Samsung Galaxy A3 Cardboard

    Hi,I've never used Google Play store before & despite reading articles online I don't know how to do this specifically.I want to install Google cardboard on my Samsung Galaxy A3 & watch normal YouTube videos that I have downloaded & view those videos on a VR headset at the dentist(the latest...
  10. M

    Facebook like button isn't working

    I've tried in both pc and mobile. Can't like or react to any posts. Maybe I've been blocked by facebook using this feature. Any quick solution unblocking this feature?
  11. mradnan

    How Can I Steal Images And Videos From Mobile(MTP) To Pc.

    How Can I Steal Images And Videos From Mobile(MTP) To Pc when i conect any device to pc with USB Cable... Thanks For Help
  12. T

    LG E440 can not boot

    When i turn on my phone, the "1.jpg" appear and disappear after 5 sec. Then the "2.jpg" appear and disappear after 5 sec too. Then the phone do this again and again, until i take out the battery. I tried to hold down the buttons in different combanition, and i tried everything i found on the...
  13. Daria121

    I saw another person when I took a video of myself

    Guys, first of all hello.I don't know where to talk about this and sorry if this is not really related to pc cause it's mostly network related.So, I was talking in Messenger from my phone(android) to a friend and I sent a video of myself. I held my finger to record and in 2 seconds Messenger or...
  14. D

    Recovery of deleted files (images and videos) in Micro SD

    Hi! :cry: Can you please help me how to recover deleted images and videos in my micro SD card? what software/application can I use?:cry::cry::cry: Thank you so much.:cry:
  15. fatboynotslim

    A weird doubt about how networking works.

    Namaste! I was wondering how to LAN, WLAN, WAN, MAN etc. work. Do they need to have specific setups? On top of that my biggest doubt is that can cell phone towers be used to produce WiFi signals?
  16. Lee Lewis

    Solved Android laptop?

    Is there such a thing? Need a new laptop/notebook quickly and wish to be able to sync it with my droid moto g phone and Samsung Note Pro 12 .2" tablet. Thanks, Lee
  17. W

    WiFi Puzzle

    OS: Mac OS X Yosemite Text of error messages: N/A Hi guys, the situation is this: I want to connect my phone to my school’s wifi network and use the internet. The network is unprotected (no WPA/WPA2 password or anything) but while laptops can use it to...
  18. phillbradyy


    hey, I have a OUKITEL original phone, only about three months old, was working perfectly till about half hour ago when it turned itself off, and when I try to hard reset it, everytime I go to select a option from the menu the phone freezes, so I take the battery out and try to turn it back on...