modem configuration

  1. MaestroMetty

    LAN-LAN Router no access to Internet

    Hi guys, I've recently passed some Ethernet Cables into my house to extend Internet access inside my house. I've now this setup. Router number 1 and 2 are on third floor, number 3 and 4 in first floor. Now I have my PC connected to router number 3 and 100% of the time I have internet...
  2. michealfreeman

    Unable to connect - modem not detected

    My Windows Ultimate 32 bit I have had since 2010 is slow and freezes sometimes, but I'm having problems with the Internet. It doesn't automatically connect like it used to and the manual way didn't work either. Entering the ISP username and password didn't work. Restarting the computer didn't...
  3. N

    Changing a SpeedStream 5100 ip address

    Anyone knows how to get SpeedStream 5100 DSL modem to talk to the PC via an ethernet cable so that I can get into its configuration for further DSL configuration? I looked up the manual and it says the web interface should be on; however, my modem keeps on showing...
  4. I

    WiFi from a cat 5 port?

    I have a new house and my cable and internet has been turned on to wall coaxial jacks in every room a I believe also CAT5 jacks in every room. Unfortunately the CAT5 jacks arent located where anybody with any sense would ever put a computer desk or entertainment center. I have a good working...
  5. U

    I use my smartphone as my modem and need help to configure

    i use my android smartphone as my modem and i need help to configure it to make it more secure from hackers.I wanna know how to reach my modem configuration page since "" is not working for me.Need help on how i should find my default gateway and configure my modem!!!