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    Retrieving deleted photos and iMessage conversations

    Hi all, I’ve never really done anything like this but this is a last resort. I have deleted some photos and an iMessage conversation on my iphone8+ which was very very important to me and had great sentimental value. I was wondering if someone could get them back for me I would be forever...
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    online banking

    i need someone to please tell me an online money storage (i dont care whether its online banking or whatever just as long as it works with paypal) that i can use without providing ssn or another form of id and do not have to be 18
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    Help my break my IPad mini forever!!

    Hi, i would like my pristine iPad mini 1st gen to be broken forever and never able to turn on again. I would result to smashing it up but i don't want the hardware to be affected as its due to go on display. Juts the software. I know this may seem odd but i promise its for a good cause. Thank...
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    is it possible to detect the copy/paste text in the notepad

    I am doing some E-book typing work at home in which i have to convert jpeg handwritten images into text form. But the comapny from whicch i took this work has told me to not use any word detecting software or even copy/paste any thing in the work. So my question is this that is this possible...