monitor fix

  1. M

    My PC Monitor keeps going static at random times

    Whenever im browsing on google/playing a game/just doing anything, my monitor goes static, I've restarted it, checked the plugs and wires, but no resolve. Anyone know the cause and resolution?
  2. ELXMiles

    Dual Monitor Issue

    Hello! I play a lot of Video games and I needed a second monitor so i could have two displays and to access Discord faster without closing the game. I'm waiting for Christmas to get a new monitor and i'm stuck with an old monitor that was just lying around. It is an extremely old Acer monitor...
  3. Roggstein

    ASUS VG248QE Dvi no signal help

    Hi I really need some help, my brand new pc I built myself isn’t working or the monitor isn’t, when I load the pc up, it’s going to a screen which says dvi no signal? I’ve tried everything to fix it and I’m so confused and tried numerous tutorials to help with it and it’s just not working my...
  4. D

    No VGA/HDMI input to my monitor on multiple pc's

    Okay I'll do my best to to walk through all this in detail. I have a working PC that's connected to my working monitor by VGA. After building a new pc I unplug all cords of my known working PC, and then begin plugging in and booting up my new pc. My new PC turns on but I have no screen...
  5. E

    Monitor displays ”no signal”

    my aoc monitor isnt working as it should I turn on my pc that is in perfect condition and every other time I plug the monitor or pc in after taking the plugs out for various reasons the monitor displays “no signal” and I’ve been at it for hours trying to fix it but nothing. This is the second or...