monitor / graphyc cards

  1. K

    Screen Keeps Shutting Off

    My PC screen keeps going black when I enter certain video games, and I have to restart my PC just to get it working again. I have inserted my graphics card into my friend’s computer, and it ran smoothly. He didn’t even have the correct drivers and it worked fine. I have uninstalled and...
  2. Roggstein

    ASUS VG248QE Dvi no signal help

    Hi I really need some help, my brand new pc I built myself isn’t working or the monitor isn’t, when I load the pc up, it’s going to a screen which says dvi no signal? I’ve tried everything to fix it and I’m so confused and tried numerous tutorials to help with it and it’s just not working my...
  3. Z

    Quadro k600 with 2 4K monitors

    I currently have a Quadro K600 as my GPU. I have a regular 1080p monitor on the DVI port. Theres a display port left, will my gpu be able to handle it if I buy a 4K display and hook it up to the display port? Even if I have another 1080p monitor connected.
  4. J

    VGA monitor dvi d port

    So I recently bought a 144 hz monitor unknowingly realized this was a vga monitor and I have an rx 480 which has a dvi- d port. I’d there anything I can do to connect my monitor to computer while still being able to get 144 hz?
  5. F

    Computer loading BIOS but giving red screen or no signal

    Hi dear fellows, I just connected my brand new PC with the monitor, yet I fail to get windows on the screen. The computer turns on, bios is accessible and visible on the screen, yet right after windows screen, the monitor goes bananas - red screens, green screens, blank and all over again. It...
  6. vinny3344

    Need Help with Enhancing Dual Dell Ultra-sharp Quality

    I have two, 27" dell ultrasharp monitors that have one display port each. I currently run one monitor from a VGA and one from a DVI. My Desktop computer only has a VGA, DVI, and HDMI port. And ive tired to use a HDMI to Display port adapter on one of my monitor to see if i could get a better...
  7. M

    Issues connecting monitor to the graphics card enabled VGA

    My PC (A Pavilion with 2 VGA ports) has one port attached to a graphics card and one hat it not, after I replaced my computers power source I have only been able to connect my monitor to the port that is not connected to my graphics card, and therefore haven't been able to get many of my games...
  8. D

    Need help. Monitor not being recognized.

    I have a HP pavilion a400n. When I turn the tower on it works.. but the monitor goes to sleep "power button turns orange." When I unplug the monitor from the tower it has a self test screen pop up but I can't do anything.
  9. jucartor

    Green Slanting lines on monitor

    I hit my Monitor with football by mistake. The football hit it on the right side of the screen. Monitor also fell onto an adjacent shelf which was just beside my computer table. After all this, the picture quality became super bad. Pixels are so large and clearly visible. Especially when...
  10. S

    Black Screen 144 Hz

    Hello I have an AOC2460PF monitor I have try uninstalling the driver reinstalling but every time I switch from 60hz to 144hz the monitor goes black. If anyone knows what i could do. I have Nvidia gtx 750 TI. I am using a Dvi cable
  11. N

    r9 270x how to setup 3 monitors

    Hello guys first time here, So i bought 3 monitors, and proceeded to connect them with varies adapters. The 270x has: 1 DVI-I (duallink) 1 DVI-D (duallink) 1 HDMI 1 displayport the monitors only has VGA and DVI-D. as far as i've read i need to get an active displayport to DVI-D, just want...
  12. F

    My Monitor Doesn't Display Anything After Graphics C.Upgrade

    My Monitor Doesn't Display Anything After Graphics Card Upgrade Please help me to resolve the problem............ Motherboard: Asus H61 M-K Processor: Intel Core i 3 - 3250 CPU 3.50 GHz 3585 MHz Memory ( RAM): 8 GB DDR3 DIMM PSU: Powerlogic Magnum Pro 475X Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64...
  13. L

    Solved Can't use 144hz on 144hz monitor

    I just bought a Philips 242G5DJEB monitor for my laptop. My laptop only has a HDMI port. (I read that HDMI can only send 60hz) I already tried a HDMI to DVI-D converter which didn't work. How do I use my monitor at 144hz?
  14. Bradly123

    Question Regarding a Monitor Driver Installation

    I have a question about a monitor driver that I want to install, I want to make sure this will work with my monitor and not disrupt or cause blue screens. Someone recommended this driver for Win7, even though Dell no longer supports updated drivers for my old system, 2008 Dell Inspiron 518 (this...
  15. H

    Computer Not connecting to monitor

    So I just moved and have tried connecting my computer to my monitor via both VGA and DVI with no success. The computer is turning on, but the monitor just doesn't recognize it. Could something have dissconected during my move? I'm not even sure where to start looking because I didn't build this...
  16. S

    PC crashes and the monitor has vertical lines

    Intel I5 4460 Haswell 3.2GHZ Processor Asrock B85 Pro4 Seagate Barracuda 1 Gb Samsung EVO 120 Gb Corsair CX Series 500 Watt Asus R9 280x TOP OC Crucial Ballistics 8 Gb ram Win 10 When I play Demanding games for a while I occasionally get a crash where my monitor will go blank with some gray...
  17. D

    Problems with new monitor

    I have a nvidia 660, and i recently got a Asus 247H-P screen to use. My problems is that when hooked into the graphics card the screen gets non-static green dots and occasionally pink lines. However, when put through the motherboard it doesn't have this problem. Additionally no other screen has...
  18. D

    Help with displaty ports

    I have a graphics card that is AMD Radeon HD7770 2gb gdd5 that has 1x HDMI 1x Dual-link DVI and 2x mini display ports. The question is that i need a new monitor and i found some good one from Dell that has only HDMI and a regular display port and its 1440p monitor with 60 HZ. Can i somehow...