monitor no display

  1. R

    Pc works but no display

    From the looks of it everything in my pc is working although the graphics card fans are not sping but it is lit up. And I am not getting any display on my monitor. The hardware is Motherboard: asus tuf b450 plus Processor: amd ryzen 5 3600x Graphics card: amd 5600xt Power supply: corsair...
  2. Darkfate1

    Pc crash no display no keyboard function

    Lots of color on screen words not showing right pc crashed no display keyboard not coming on pc running. No display no keyboard function acer pc Windows 10 Computer rams no display no keyboard
  3. Criteq

    Power on runs fine but no display

    This issue has been happening since yesterday after i moved my setup a bit. And before this happend my pc was always crashing after running it a bit so i was thinking that i needed a new layer of thermal paste for my cpu, but i didnt have any paste so i googled and tried using toothpaste...
  4. P

    New PC build but no visual :(

    Hello everyone, I've just finished putting together my first PC, thought I had done pretty well, but my monitor says "no input detected". My graphics card's lights and fans are on, all my case fans are spinning and my psu is working as well. I've reinstalled my graphics card twice but it looks...
  5. S

    No signal to monitor even though PC turns on

    My monitor isn't receiving any signal from my computer even though it can still turn on. I already tried the monitor on another computer and it worked, so I know it's not the monitor's problem. I'll explain the details of the situation below: So about 3 days ago I was playing a video game on...
  6. M

    Issues connecting monitor to the graphics card enabled VGA

    My PC (A Pavilion with 2 VGA ports) has one port attached to a graphics card and one hat it not, after I replaced my computers power source I have only been able to connect my monitor to the port that is not connected to my graphics card, and therefore haven't been able to get many of my games...
  7. P

    monitor wont display during windows 10 recovery

    I usually can fix my computer myself now but I am stumped , I was doing a factory reset because I couldn't get my monitors aspect ratio to stay in the correct setting tried all the bs with my drivers and my graphics card . during reset the screen went black plugged into my motherboard...
  8. J

    New pc build turning on but not monitor not receiving signal

    Hello! I recently made a new pc build, thong is that now when i turn on the pc the cpu, and all other fans including the led lights are working but the monitor is not showing anything (tried using 2 different ones) i have tried using hdmi on both the gpu and the integrated cpu and even tried...
  9. V

    Monitor "No Signal" on startup

    My computer decided to do a system startup repair on its launch but we had a power shortage shortly after so the repair was interrupted. When the power came back on I decided to boot up my pc, the keyboard and mouse worked fine and everything worked well except for the monitor which had a "No...
  10. P

    Turned Secure boot mode on, Monitor stopped displaying

    Hey guys, I'm new here and need immediate help. I did something stupid, I admit that. My PC is a dell optiplex 3020 with 4GBs of Ram, 2GB Nvidia geforce 620, windows 10. 2 days ago the PC was stuck on 'restarting', so I force shut down it. After that when I turned it on, It said 'Installing...
  11. R

    PC On But Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor not working

    Hi there! I recently decided to add a GPU and a new powersupply to my asus M32. I added a Radeon Rx 270x along with a 550 watt cooler master elite v2 PSU. This is my first time adding components to my pc. Unfortunately, when i had come home with a DVI cable for my gpu to monitor, the pc turned...