monitor not working

  1. Ruudiluca

    LG Monitor Reboot Loop

    Hello, I am using the LG Flatron IPS224 and I am having a problem with the display. When a picture appears on the screen, the screen turns black and the power light turns off. Then, it will automatically turn itself back on again, then have the same problem continuously. Sometimes it will fix...
  2. C

    Solved Alienware BIOS Update

    So I've got the Alienware 17 and had to reboot it. Checked the bios and its Alienware A14 9/24/2014. was wondering if anyone could help me update it manually, like download it and install it ?. I can't reboot and press f2 to get into that screen because my screen is bad and i use a monitor so I...
  3. S

    Monitor Problem

    Hi, I need help with my monitor. So the problem is that most of the screen is covered with a gray screen. (the gray screen is located at the bottom part of the screen)
  4. K

    New tower same hd tv monitor: not working the same

    Hi, I just bought a new tower, Acer 603G-Uw13, and hooked it up by an hdmi cord the vizio tv I have been using. When the towers starts the loading symbol appears in 4 places across the screen in a line. Then when the desktop loads up, it cuts off the bottom 3rd of the screen to black. The...