monitor problems

  1. M

    I’m having monitors problems

    Hi, so I have a new pc set up, and I connected 2 monitors so I could have a dual monitor setup. Well the problem I have is, one of the “monitors” is actually my old tv, so when I finally got it all situated the image quality on the tv looked terrible and the actual monitor looked great, so I...
  2. A

    Dell Monitor Screen Huge fonts & zoomed in screen

    hi... turned on my PC and everything was big and zoomed in..the screen pics distorted aswell as large fonts. i've been into settings and everything is still on the original recommended settings? i've run out of ideas.
  3. A

    "OSD locked" notification keeps popping up continuously.

    Ok, I begin like this. I have a hp monitor, infront of it is written HP w17e. A month ago, a sudden notification came in my monitor,"OSD locked" and I was surprised. Later I searched what actually was OSD(I didn't knew till!),I found that it was On Screen Display,which was used to control the...
  4. R

    Brand new CPU cannot detect VGA or HDMI

    Good pm/am everyone. I had a problem about my newly assembled PC of mine. Through the vast knowledge of the internet, I had finished assembling my PC, but it looks like it cannot detect VGA or HDMI for my monitor. It powers up though; the led lights are switching on and the fans are working. I...
  5. thotful

    Solved Monitor went crazy

    My monitor suddenly began malfunctioning last night, with rolling and waving images. It also appears to have slipped to an 800x600 resolution, although it was set to 1920x1080. The monitor is an AOC. I bought it maybe two or three years ago. It was connected to my computer with a VGA cable...
  6. D

    Solved Monitor no longer supports resolution 1920X1080

    My problem : It all started from when I unplugged my HP w2338h monitor from my main PC (res. 1920x1080, specs listed below) into a raspberry pi 3. After using the monitor for the Raspberry PI 3, I plugged it back into my main PC again, and to my surprise the resolution was on 1024x724. When I...
  7. B

    Problems with recording resolution for video editing program

    Hello there! I like to record videos for World of Warcraft Events and turning them into some nice basic videos for the attendees to watch. I use Fraps to record and Windows Movie Maker to edit (I know, shame on me). Recently, black brackets has started to appear on the sides of my recordings...