monitor turns off

  1. Ruudiluca

    LG Monitor Reboot Loop

    Hello, I am using the LG Flatron IPS224 and I am having a problem with the display. When a picture appears on the screen, the screen turns black and the power light turns off. Then, it will automatically turn itself back on again, then have the same problem continuously. Sometimes it will fix...
  2. M

    Solved monitor turns on, after 2 seconds it goes off

    Hey thank you ahead of time. I just got a new desktop for Christmas and everything is brand new. I got a brand new monitor too. After I plugged the computer, keyboard, mouse, and monitor in I turned it on And the computer. It turns on and I see the logo of the monitor. Then it turns black but...
  3. S

    Solved The screen turns off when gaming, but the sound is still on.

    Hello, I would like to ask some assistance for my actual problem. Not more than a week ago, my desktop monitor started to turn off when gaming (usually I could play anything I have on my pc, even at ultra settings, with some exceptions). So, I launch, for example, Overwatch, I can play one...