1. J

    Dual Monitors

    Can someone please help me with my second monitor. It works fine but I want to be able to work between the two. My computer won't detech the second monitor.
  2. donutBusters

    iiyama monitor no signal issue

    I plugged my iiyama g-master ge2488hs into HDMI to use with my ps4 i plug it back into VGA and now it says no signal every time I turn it on
  3. davisjm0311

    Monitor "Out of Range" Error

    I recently (today) started having this issue while playing games. It seems to happen roughly 15-30 minutes into playing a game. My computer is a few years old, but no hardware changes of any kind have taken place in at least a year. The monitor is an ASUS that can only run 1080/60 hz. I keep...
  4. M.T.I

    BenQ GW2480 vs Asus VA24EHE vs Dell SE2419H vs LG 24MK600M

    Hi there, Want to buy a new monitor, mainly for Graphic Design (color accuracy is the first priority, sRGB, gamut ) I found these four within my budget and availability 1) Asus VA24EHE 2) BenQ GW2480 3) Dell SE2419H 4)LG 24MK600M Which one should I choose? suggest please. Thanks
  5. D

    Monitor Connection Help

    Hi, I have a Dell Optiplex 760. My 12 year old monitor is going on the fritz. I want to replace it with a new one but the better ones seem to have an HDMI connector. I do not see an HDMI connector on the back of my PC but is there an available adapter I can get or is an HDMI monitor not...
  6. S

    240hz Issues

    Hi all, I just recently completed a pc build and my gpu is an RTX 2060 Super FE. I just received my new Alienware 27 inch 240hz IPS monitor today, and at 240hz, I have white pixels flashing on dark surfaces, and if I open chrome google has considerable distortion and screen tearing. It’s lesser...
  7. B

    Monitor in power saving mode after laptop connection.

    Hey, My monitor Lenovo L22e-20 goes into stand by / power saving mode as soon as I connect with my laptop Gaming Lenovo Ideapad L340-15IRH-81LK. The monitor only came with the VGA cable and I bought an HDMI cable since the laptop only has an HDMI interface. I already used another HDMI cable...
  8. 1

    2 External Monitors using USB to HDMI adopter

    Intel HD 5500 preferences doesn't pick up my USB to HDMI adopter, but Windows 10 Display settings does? I am trying to use 2 external Monitors with my laptop which only has one port but I cannot use both. the monitor with the adopter will work if I use only that one but it wont show up in the...
  9. D

    My second monitor isn't showing the entire screen

    I am using a second monitor, but the display is too far to the left. I've used the monitor's OSD to move the screen as far to the right as I can, but I still can't get the entire screen to show. I've also tried using a different VGA cord to connect the monitor to my PC, which did not work, and...
  10. A

    Monitor going black issue

    has anyone ever heard of a monitor issue where it turns black if I use it? Like if I leave my second monitor there it's fine, the second I drag chrome/spotify/whatever over on it, it shuts off if I swap my 2nd monitor to be main monitor in settings everything is fine
  11. F

    Computer display no longer working

    I recieved a new PC monitor today and tried to setup dual monitors on my desk, as i was setting up my monitors I had discovered I only had one hdmi port for my graphics card. So I looked up how to set one monitor to on board graphics and the other to my graphics card which I was able to do in...
  12. D

    DVI input wont work

    My monitor can only connect with a DVI cable but it doesn't come on My other monitor requires a HDMI cable and works And a bit ago i got a DVI to HDMI cable but the monitor that requires a DVI cable wont connect neither will the HDMI monitor with the cord either So i concluded the DVI input...
  13. N

    Computer monitor black when system on

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit, Build 7601, Installed 20180726022448.000000-240 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10, CPU Count: 2 Total Physical...
  14. S

    Two monitors linked Two PC's

    I was wondering how to link two monitors connected to two different computers. Kind of like a two monitor setup to one pc, but instead two pc's
  15. J

    Pc Wont boot up, No BIOS

    I've had a problem with my computer for a little while now. Whenever I power on the pc, It wont display a signal to the monitor at all. All the fans and everything seem to power up just fine. But the computer won't do it's power on self test, or boot into the bios. Ive tried replacing several...
  16. J

    Monitor Upscaling

    I am looking to create a new office setup. I have a 1080p laptop with HDMI and USB Typce C/Thunderbolt port. If I were to buy a 4k monitor what would be the best solution to maximise resolution to get the most out of the monitor? I have come across some Samsung Monitors that claim to upscale HD...
  17. J

    Solved AOC 32" Monitor

    Hi, I have bought a new AOC 32" monitor (2560x1440) to run on my main system, dual with a Samsung 24" (1920x1200) and I am having trouble getting it to go to its native resolution. It is currently running as an extended desktop at 1920x1080. My system is a Core i7 with a Radeon RX460 graphics...
  18. C

    BBEN G17 LCD replacement

    The LCD of laptop got busted and I need LCD replacement but I dont have any idea on what LCD to buy. Anybody there can tell me what LCD i need to buy, thanks in advance. The model of my laptop is BBEN G17
  19. R

    Computer Refuses To Display on Monitor

    While using my computer the other day an odd issue occurred where there was a white box on the screen, I couldn't figure it out and simply did a reboot to attempt to resolve it. And then neither monitors would work - both showing "no signal". I have tried: Rebooting again Reseating the HDMI +...
  20. H

    Monitor timing error as soon as booted into mint linux

    Hi, so I've used unetbootin to try and setup Linux mint on a blank pc, it seems to have worked but as soon as I try to start the os from the boot menu I get a current input timing not supposed by monitor display error the monitor is a Dell e1910 and I'm trying to run Linux mint 19.2 cinnamon...