motherboard connection

  1. SeanSenteno

    Motherboard or what?

    So I'm rebuilding my computer. New graphics card, fans, cpu...the works. After installing it all to my new motherboard and starting it up, the keyboard and mouse no longer work. More specifically, I'm pretty sure the USB on the back panel doesn't work at all. What's frustrating is that they work...
  2. P

    Custom Built Tower - Motherboard

    Hello, I have a custom built tower that someone gave me, i need help finding a motherboard that has all the front panel connectors that are posted in the pictures, what kind of motherboard do i need. Can the motherboard be new, or does it have to be an older type?
  3. J

    PSU for E73 IH81M Motherboard,

    Ok i bought a second hand thinkcenter for good deal on ebay, with i3 4160 etc, i also planned on putting the components in a new case so i bought, GameMax Nero Black/Blue Mid Tower Gaming MATX Case, and NorthQ 400W Chrome ATX PC PSUv both second hand. But, ive now noticed the 12v power...
  4. R

    Brand new CPU cannot detect VGA or HDMI

    Good pm/am everyone. I had a problem about my newly assembled PC of mine. Through the vast knowledge of the internet, I had finished assembling my PC, but it looks like it cannot detect VGA or HDMI for my monitor. It powers up though; the led lights are switching on and the fans are working. I...