motherboard installment

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    Solved Upgraded Processor, Motherboard and Power Supply - Won't Boot

    So I’m running an MSI FM2 a55m e33 board, I had a dual core processor, just recently tried to upgrade to a 2.8 quad core, so I put in the processor, went to turn on my pc, and nothing happened. It powered on, screen stayed black. I had a gtx460, and I had a 450w psu, then I realized the...
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    Solved Motherboard Installment

    A friend lended me an old PC, and I got a new SSD card and graphics card for it. I tried starting it up and obviously the PC is starting from scratch because I got the new staorage unit. The motherboard is a Gigabyte Ultra Durable 3 and is decently old, and it’s telling me that I need the...